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Alibre Design Newsletter - June 2010

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KeyShot 2 for Alibre coming soon


Very shortly we will be announcing the availability of KeyShot 2 for Alibre. Many exciting new features are in KeyShot 2 that are sure to make rendering even more a pleasure than before. In addition to KeyShot 2, Alibre will also be making available a new installer of Alibre Design 12.1 which will contain a BIP exporter. The BIP exporter creates native KeyShot files that open substantially faster since no import is required. It also has several benefits including control over tessellation, better geometry conversion (no missing faces), and the export of Section Views. Keep your ears to the ground over the next week or so and we'll let you know when and how to access it all.

KeyShot 2

Sneak Peak of AD 2011 - Hole Dialog


In this sneak peak, we'll look at the new Hole tool. Apart from looking nicer, it also offers several new features. The dialog is consolidated and streamlined, making hole creation faster and more straightforward. The feature you'll probably like most is the ability to create presets for your commonly used holes. This lets you define all the specifics of holes only once and lets you recall them later to nearly completely prefill the dialog with all appropriate values. You can create, modify, or delete hole presets on the fly, making quick work of a typically cumbersome design task. This feature will be available as of the release of Alibre Design 2011.

Hole Dialog

Gadget Freak: Let an MCU Feed Your Pets


Here's a little extra content provided courtesy of Design News.

Pet owners who want to spend a day hiking, at the beach, shopping at the mall or even a weekend far from home can build an automatic pet feeder to dispense water and dry food at a preset time. Tom Thompson, Julie Redmond, Curtis Siebenaller and Nathan Woodworth at Colorado State University explain how to combine electronic and mechanical devices to do just that. Their design would satisfy even Morris, the world's most finicky cat.

Read full Gadget Freak article here.

Automatic Pet Feeder
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