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Alibre Design Newsletter - June 2012

Alibre is proud to announce the new Alibre Academy Video Training Series. This series features 142 new training videos that guide you through all facets of the Alibre Design 2012 experience, including all the new tools and user interface. To kick off the new series everyone will have free access until July 4th, so be sure to log in and check them out! Customers who have purchased video training in the past will automatically get a free upgrade to the new training series. The old videos will continue to be available as well. If you are interested in purchasing the video training series for $199, please contact your Sales Representative.




Most assemblies are made up of individual parts as well as subassemblies. This is usually considered to be a "best practice" because it means that the parts in the subassembly only have to be assembled once and they can then be inserted as many  times as needed into other assemblies.




Les Kelly is no stranger to Gadget Freak. A couple year's back, his remote-controlled doggie crate opener was featured on Gadget Freak. Now Kelly is back with a more complicated version.  


In this month's Learn with Lew, we're given a simplified introduction to stress and strain in metals in particular and materials in general.