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Alibre Design Newsletter - August 2010

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Attention all 3D designers, digital fabricators and DIYers, there is a new website just for you, We invite to you to come and join your fellow Alibre Designers at the new social media center built to connect and share the latest and greatest Alibre Designs. In only one week hundreds of members have signed up and posted dozens of designs on the AlibrePowered Project Page.

Best of - August

Our customers are awesome. Here are some of the coolest designs posted on in August:

Silo Project Engines
Silo Project Engine
Yar Golf GX1 Putter 1:87th scale Railcar
Yar Golf GX1 Putter 1:87th scale railcar
Dresdener Regulator Watch Box-filling Device
Dresdener Regulator Watch Box-filling Device
Pix Pics
Pix Pics
Alibre Powered

New Design Contest


We want you to join, share or comment on the great work of the Alibre community. So to kick off the site and follow in the tradition of years past we are announcing a new 2010 Alibre Design Contest. It's simple: make something cool, submit it on, and win some cash. The contest lasts through October 15, 2010. There are several categories, so don't worry if you're making a smaller design. Get all the details here.

Best Overall Design: $1000
Runner Up (Mechanical): $500
Runner Up (Non-Mechanical): $500
Honorable Mention: $250
Honorable Mention: $250
Honorable Mention: $250

Previous Design Contest Top Winner

Alibre Design 2011 Development Summary


Click here to see the Alibre Design 2011 development summary and feature list.

Alibre Design 2011 Development Summary

Tech Tip: Coming in Alibre Design 2011 - Convert to Sheet Metal


Do you have parts that were created in different CAD applications but you want to create native Alibre Design Sheet Metal parts with them? In previous versions of Alibre Design this was a manual and taxing exercise; not so in Alibre Design 2011.

Native Alibre Design Parts or files from a neutral formats (SAT, STP, IGES) can be used directly from the Sheet Metal workspace. If you have files from one of the other major CAD programs, they will first have to be imported into Alibre Design and saved as part files.

Read the rest of the Tech Tip

Making a fishmouth cut

Gadget Freak: 21st century Rock-em Sock-em


Here's a little extra content provided courtesy of Design News.

Raise your hand if you remember the Rock-em Sock-em boxing game. Extra credit if you still have one. Two Texas Instruments co-ops have brought this game (first introduced in 1967) into the 21st century, complete with wireless remote control via a watch that is cooler than anything Dick Tracy could have dreamed of.

Texas Instruments has a yearly contest called the co-op challenge. 2010 co-ops Zachery Shivers and Anne Flinchbaugh got inspiration from a co-worker who had the old fashioned version of the game on his desk. Their project updates this game with servos, wireless RF communications, and 4 TI Chronos watches.

Read full Gadget Freak article here.

Rock Em Sock Em Robots
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