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Alibre News September 2009

What’s New in Alibre Design V12?

What's New in v12

“Version 12 is now even faster than before with many new features. Although I found a great fondness for the new text ability I just cannot overlook all the other features and tools. From the new snapping tools to the new triad display, this is a very useful update. My next favorite tool would have to be the direct dimension input during sketching. This not only helps ease design but makes sketching much faster.”

- Tim Jones
Industrial Tool Services, INC.

Thanks Tim! We've heard comment after comment from the beta program about how Alibre Design 12.0 is a substantial improvement over Alibre Design 11.2. We've been fanatical over the past year while designing the new features of Alibre Design 12.0, improving nearly every major area of the product. New sketching tools, drawing tools, sheet metal enhancements, substantial performance improvements, and time-saving customization options ensure this release will save you time and make you more efficient.

We want to thank the hundreds of beta participants for being a part of our Alibre Design 12.0 beta program. Our most successful beta program to date saw hundreds of people signing up to test the new software and provide invaluable feedback to our design and development teams. Their feedback has helped to shape this release, and we are grateful for the time they've invested.

New Features in Alibre Design v12

The Alibre Development team has worked tirelessly to bring designers many new and significant features for Alibre Design 12.0. The best way to learn about these new features is to view the Alibre Design 12.0 Readme. For those that want more of a guided tour, you can also check out the sneak peek video.


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Lag-no-more: Performance Metrics for 12.0

v12 Versus V11.2 Test Results

Performance improvement is one of those things that we always bring to the table for every release and this one is no exception. Those working with large 3D assemblies and imported DWG/DXF files will find that their workflows are substantially faster. View interaction (think rotating/zooming/panning) of very large assemblies now comes with a minimum of double the frame rate for smoother interaction, and Shaded and Visible Edges mode is now around 13x faster. Bottlenecks in using imported DWG/DXF files have been sped up by around 30x, reducing minutes to seconds.

Check out the performance report

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Tech Tip: New Sheet Metal Features in Alibre Design v12

Version 12 of Alibre Design introduces two new feature tools for the sheet metal part workspace: lofted flange and contour flange. The lofted flange tool enables creation of conical, pyramidal, and circle-rectangle transition features that can be unfolded into flat patterns. Contour flanges allow users to create sheet metal parts from an end-on perspective. With the contour flange tool, several flanges, bends and a tab can be created at once.


New Sheet Metal Features in Alibre Design v12

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Gadget Freak: Improve Your Batting Average without Steroids

Here's a little extra content provided courtesy of Design News. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Typical pitching machines make it hard for a batter to prepare a proper swing. To improve his performance at bat, Nathan Loden created this pitch alert system by attaching an IR LED and sensor to the ball feed mechanism. When the next ball up is blocking the sensor, the signal is fed into a circuit that switches on a bank of high-intensity, flashing LEDs. The batter has plenty of time to set his swing unless, of course, he is distracted by the fascinating light display. So go have a slugfest!


Step Up to the Plate

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