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Alibre Design Newsletter - September 2010

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Alibre at Maker Faire - New York City - September 25-26th


Maker Faire brings a whole host of communities together including the arts, crafts, science and engineering. The Faire features "Makers" (hobbyists, do-it-yourselfers, tinkerers, hackers, etc.) from all over the world sharing their creations. It's a labyrinth of interactive displays, exhibitions and workshops for you explore. Alibre will be hosting a booth at the upcoming Makers Faire in New York City at the New York Hall of Science, September 24th and 25th. Stop by to see how we're helping Makers bring their ideas to life.

Visit the NYC Maker Faire website

Alibre at Maker Faire NYC

The Proof is in the Putting


If you take the putter out of the context of golf tradition and pose it as an intellectual challenge to a scientist, the results are Yar Golf’s GX1 technology. Read how Alibre Design helps to make one of the most accurate putters in the world.

Read the rest of story here

Yar Golf's GX1 Putter

Alibre Design 2011 Development Summary


Alibre Design 2011 is in the final testing phases and we're excited to announce its launch within a few weeks. If you haven't gotten up to speed on all the new features that are available, be sure to check out the feature brochure.

Alibre Design 2011 Development Summary vote number increased


We have increased the vote limit from 10 to 25 on the Alibre feature suggestion page. If you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over to and post some suggestions. If you’ve run out of votes – head back and get your vote on because you have 15 more.

Alibre Feedback

Tech Tip: The 5 commandments of good renderings


There are some easy to follow guidelines for producing crisp looking professional renderings in Keyshot. Thine commandments are as follows:

  1. Thou shalt…have smooth models
  2. Thou shalt…have correct shadows
  3. Thou shalt…select correct texture mapping settings
  4. Thou shalt…impose dramatic perspectives to your models
  5. Thou shalt…use appropriate backgrounds

Click through to learn how to apply each of these rules to your renders.

Read the rest of the Tech Tip

5 commandments of rendering

Gadget Freak: Smoking Permitted, but Bring a Roast


Here's a little extra content provided courtesy of Design News.

Anyone can drop a roast or spare ribs into a commercial meat smoker, but Peter Rauch decided to create an electronically controlled smoker that uses a programmable controller, touch-screen human-machine interface, and a network connection. Not only will this high-tech smoker control its temperature, it also monitors meat temperature and can hold it at that temperature until you're ready for a feast. The design includes a Web server for remote control and text-message alarms. As they say in German, "Rauchen erlaubt."

Read full Gadget Freak article here.

Electronically controlled smoker
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