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Alibre Design Newsletter - September 2012

After a lot of requests we’re happy to announce a new section on the Alibre Forum that allows our customers to request and post tutorials on any subject they choose. Even better – every tutorial posted has the chance to be featured in future newsletters. If it is, you’ll get some free Subscription Service! So head on down and share your knowledge.

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Alibre Design 2013 brings many new features to 2D, such as new section views. These section types allow you to more quickly and accurately document your 3D models.

Aligned Section: The Aligned Section View is drawn as if the bent cutting plane and features were rotated into a plane perpendicular to the line of sight of the sectional view.

Removed Section: The Removed Section View only shows geometry that rests directly on the cutting plane.

Broken Out Section: The Broken Out Section View cuts into the part exposing internal geometry.

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3D Systems has grown to become one of the top tech companies on the Fortune Magazine 2012 list of the fastest-growing companies. We had the honor of ranking number 5 in tech and number 12 overall out of 100 companies listed. Fortune points out that even in stagnant times certain companies thrive, and the annual list of high achievers shines the spotlight on the most vibrant part of corporate America and beyond.




Come check us out! TCT Live is THE forum for everyone involved in the concept, design, specification and manufacturing process to learn about the latest in Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and other cutting edge product development software and technology. Adopting these technologies is of critical importance for companies wishing to stay ahead of their competitors.

TCT Live 2012 will take place in Hall 3A of The NEC, Birmingham, B40 1NT, UK. Web:

Tuesday 25 September - 09.30hrs - 17.30hrs Wednesday 26 September - 09.30hrs - 16.00hrs

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Business 3D printing used to mean being locked into a vendor’s single technology platform; or purchasing from multiple vendors and wasting time with complex purchasing and support processes. No more.

The new paradigm in 3D printing is about having it all from one source; technology choices for virtually any application; streamlined purchasing; and a single, local source for service across all products.

This seminar will show you how to do it right. You’ll see:

  • How to choose the right 3D printer for any application, from a wide range of technologies and price points
  • Live demos of ZPrinter® and ProJet™ 3D printers
  • Detailed information on the new ZPrinter® 850 and ProJet™ 3500
  • The cost efficiencies of a single source for purchasing and support
Don’t miss your chance to have it all. Attend a no-cost 3D Systems seminar near you



Can you improve on the standard QWERTY keyboard? Wayne Rasanen got it into his head to do just that. He created a device to replace QWERTY. He also wanted to reduce hand movement and end the days of flying fingers.


Countersunk fasteners pose a special challenge to the designer. The nature of the head requires that tight tolerances by applied to prevent unwanted bending forces from weakening the joint.