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Alibre Design Newsletter - October 2011


Alibre and 3D Systems are proud to announce the launch of Alibre Design 2012, and the Alibre forums are buzzing with the good news! Here's just a sample of what users are saying:

  • "First impression, nice, very nice." - Bobster

  • "First impression is that Alibre Design 2012 is a first class product and has taken a huge leap forward in user experience, layout and functionality. This is an amazing improvement....I am really impressed. Well done nailed it....bravo!" - Uman

  • "I LOVE the ribbon and the tool tips. For inexperienced people like me, seeing a picture and an explanation helps soooooo much, especially in the constraints!" - ehughes

  • It all looks so shiny and new - it's 'like an early Christmas present!" - jhardy1


These printers have been flying off the shelves. We just got a shiny new shipment in and they are ready for new homes. If you want a RapMan with instant delivery, now is the time to place your order.

Check out the RapMan has been providing engineers and designers with instant quoting solutions to their prototyping needs for more than 16 years. The custom part manufacturer was the world’s first supplier of Stereolithography services, and offers an online e-commerce platform to quote and buy SLA prototypes FAST.

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Howard Evans has a long career as an electrical engineer. After decades of working on 2D schematics, the 66-year-old has recently been picking up new engineering skills – mechanical ones.

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A tree-climbing robot with a front half and a back half, connected by a telescoping spine, and built by a high school senior. Find out more...

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In this month's tech tip, we explore one of the newest features in Alibre Design 2012 : the in-place editing controls.

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