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Alibre Design Newsletter - November 2010

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Alibre announces new KeyShot products


Two great bits of news! Existing KeyShot for CAD 2.x customers will get a free upgrade to KeyShot for Alibre Basic. This is the exact same as your existing Keyshot for CAD license, but comes with over a 2x increase in output resolution.

We are also announcing a new product called KeyShot for Alibre. This product is identical to the $1000 version of KeyShot from Luxion, but only imports BIP files and costs $199. A great and inexpensive way to upgrade to get advanced rendering features, more control over settings, and a much higher output resolution.

Both of these items will be available when Luxion releases KeyShot 2.2, which is scheduled for December 1.

For details about the two products, please see the brochure.

New KeyShot Products

Alibre Design Puts Robotic Projects into Motion


Josh Sanderson is learning how to walk. More specifically, he's studying the nuances of walking, so he can program more refined robotic movements.

Read the rest of the story here.

Stance Robot Experiment

Ponoko, the leader in personal manufacturing, kicks it up a notch


Yesterday Ponoko announced Personal Factory 4, a place where you can take your designs online and get them manufactured. Many Alibre users use services like Ponoko to get their designs fabricated, and the new offerings from Ponoko offer a wide variety of production methods including 3D printing and metal materials.

Personal Factory 4 is the world’s only system offering instant online pricing to make your projects using a combination of 2D and 3D digital making technologies and open-source electronics hardware. We recommend Ponoko because there are no minimum order sizes or setup fees and they accept STL files generated from Alibre Design, so if you're looking to kick back and let someone else do the hard work to fab your design then check them out!

Check out their website at visit


Tech Tip: Speed up Detailing 2D Drawings with In Place Editing


Putting the finishing touches on a 2D drawing are faster and easier with the In Place Editing Controls. When an item is selected the popup pallet will only show the appropriate Controls and allows the user easier access to the editing commands. .

Read the rest of the Tech Tip

In Place Editing Controls

Gadget Freak: Sensor Signals Water Wasters


Here's a little extra content provided courtesy of Design News.

Nick Knoll's running-toilet alarm uses a magnetic switch and a floating magnet in the toilet tank to signal when the tank has filled. A metal bracket holds in place a plastic tube that serves as a guide for a foam float with an attached ring magnet. A magnetic switch within the tube applies power to a timer circuit until the toilet tank fills. The timer circuit sounds an external alarm intermittently when the tank fails to fill within 45 seconds. A basic NE555 timer integrated circuit and four passive components create the timer circuit. This alarm should get an apartment dweller's attention so he or she can jiggle the toilet handle and correct the problem. And they can call Nick, too, if the problem becomes a nuisance.

Read full Gadget Freak article here.

Toilet Sensor Tracks Water Waste
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