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Alibre Design Newsletter - November 2011 is the place where Alibre Users show off their work and talk design. Over 1500 images that put our money where our mouth is. And if you want to ask users about the Alibre Design, this is the place! Come see what you can do when you're AlibrePowered.

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Making a fashion statement on the runway at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week was Amelia Agosta modeling a sculptural piece, printed entirely on a 3D printer.

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It’s not uncommon to see a solar panels installed on homes. Why not wind turbines? Helmuth Geiser thought this was an interesting question, and with the help of Alibre Design, his company offers a line of small-scale wind turbines that gives solar technology a run for its money.

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Here's a trio of curated content from around the
Web, showcasing videos of homebrew efforts to construct small jet engines. Find out more...

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The ageless battle of hide vs. suppress. It's probably not as exciting as Pacquiao vs. Marquez, but the pay-per-view cost is much cheaper.

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