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Alibre Design Newsletter - November 2012

Each year during the Cyber Monday timeframe Alibre offers screaming deals on our software products. This season we are offering up to 50% on most of our great 3D CAD design productivity tools. Surf over to our site to see these deals or call 877.525.4273 and talk to a Technical Sales Rep Today!

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Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is the general art of creating new designs in such a way that they are easy and inexpensive to manufacture. Anyone who has ever designed a product to be injection molded likely learned along the way that small changes to the design could significantly impact the cost, time frame, and overall success of the manufacturing project.

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3D Systems has grown to become one of the top tech companies in the world. Now we bring you the 1st personal desktop 3D Printer. The Cube ships with easy to use software that turns all your Alibre models or Cubify models into files the Cube can understand. We have a deal for you buy a Cube today and we will give you 3 FREE CARTRIDGES on our Cyber Monday Promotion! Call: 877.525.4273




Come check us out! EUROMOLD is the show for everyone involved in the concept, design, specification and manufacturing process to learn about the latest in Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and other cutting edge product development software and technology. Adopting these technologies is of critical importance for companies wishing to stay ahead of their competitors.

EUROMOLD 2012 is live in Frankfurt, Germany. Web:

27. - 30. NOVEMBER 2012

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Interested in learning all there is to know about KeyShot? These video tutorials will have you started in no time. Quick tips offer small, bite-size chunks of fabulous methods to work with lighting, materials and more.




Fifteen-year-old Gadget Freak John Duffy has put together a powerful LED flashlight. He calls the LED a major advance over Edison's incandescent lighting. "Nowadays we have LEDs that are significantly more powerful and efficient, and they run on low-voltage DC."


Surface finish (also called: Texture) is a non-trivial subject. This paper provides only a general overviewof the subject. It is not intended to replace a more specific study of the subject necessary for advancedapplication of surface conditioning. It is an introductory overview and should not be taken for more.