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Alibre News December 2009

String Theory makes a Quantum Leap in Yo-Yo Design!

String Theory Yo-Yos

The Remnant YoYo is the first product release by designer Mark Mankiewicz owner of String Theory Yo-Yos in Plano, Texas. Using Alibre Design 3D CAD software, Mark perfected his new product during the design phase, engineering a new professional grade YoYo, precision machined for maximum stability and endless spin time.

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Tech Tip: Cam and Get It

Tech Tip - Cam On

This month's tech tip will cover how to a create simple cam and follower assembly with Alibre Design; and how to manually articulate its motion. This tutorial is for moderate to advanced users of Alibre Design. Top-down design of parts within assemblies is employed in this tutorial.

Cam On!

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Gadget Freak: Get Wrapped up in Christmas Lights

Here's a little extra content provided courtesy of Design News. Check it out and let us know what you think.

The holiday season brings two questions: "Isn't it time to put up the Christmas lights?" and "When do we take down the Christmas lights?" Edward Nauman designed retractable icicle lights that go up or down with a flick of a switch. He used rotating lengths of metal conduit to wrap up lights and keep them out of sight behind a facia board. Ed's invention brought peace to his holiday season. The design involves a bracket, a motor, micro-switches, conduit and a few other odds and ends, plus some metalworking experience.


Lighten your Christmas light labor

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