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Alibre Design Newsletter - December 2011

The RapMan 3.2 3D Printer is now available, sporting a new touch-screen interface and new USB connectivity for flash/thumb drives. The RapMan 3.2 is perfect for anyone with the desire to create their own 3D parts and models in the comfort of their own home or office.

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 is the latest service offering from 3D Systems, allowing you to receive quotes on and order rapid protoypes right from within Alibre Design! All that's needed is a free plugin download and you can go through the entire process without even exiting your design!

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If you haven't been to AlibrePowered lately, you're really missing out on some amazing design work. Membership is free, and with hundreds of users, you're guaranteed to get inspired.

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Learn everything there is to know about how Alibre Design creates springs, helices and spirals in this month's exciting tech tip.

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A look back at the year's best gadget freak articles from DesignNews, all in a handy slideshow with links to the these awesome homebrew engineering projects.

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Make your desktop downright festive with a holiday-themed background image from Alibre. There are two design to choose from and both are guaranteed to keep you off Santa's naughty list.

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