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Alibre Design Newsletter - December 2012

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to get Alibre Design, training, Subscription Service, and 3D printers at some amazing prices. Click the link below to view all of our deals and be sure to call 877.525.4273 or email your Sales Representative before the end of business today!

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We all know how important prototyping is in any business. It is easy for anyone to make generalizations and blanket explanations of how prototypes work that "help" the common engineer. But what if we took it a step further and actually engaged the engineers themselves in their perspective fields and asked them why prototyping is so important?

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The 3D Systems Cube is the first 3D printer for the home. It works out of the box and is the perfect tool for bringing your designs to life. It's also a great way to get your kids involved in design and 3D printing! It comes with everything you need to start making models, and for a limited time you get 3 free cartridges of plastic so you can make even more. Hurry because this deal ends as the new year begins!




In the standard workflow of Alibre Design, a combination of parts, sheet metal parts, and even other assemblies can be inserted into an assembly workspace and constrained together to create an assembly design. Assembly constraints are used to correctly position the inserted files with respect to each other in order to limit their movement.

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Interested in learning all there is to know about KeyShot? These video tutorials will have you started in no time. Quick tips offer small, bite-size chunks of fabulous methods to work with lighting, materials and more.




Andrew Morris designed a dimmable LED driver circuit that is simple and energy efficient. He then installed the circuit into a portable fluorescent lamp. The timing is good for an idea like this. LEDs cost about one-third of what they did a decade ago.


This section provides values and equations for application of Stub Acme threads to mechanical design operations. Definitions and equations are located on page 4.The tables following provide information designer's need to apply 29° Stub Acme threads to projects properly…