Manage design variants

Manage part variants

Create libraries of similar parts within a single file. Choose which variant you need whenever it is used, and easily switch between them.
Things that can be distinct between part variants:
› Dimension values
› Feature suppression states
› Part data
› Color and more...
Click to change the Design Configuration that is used:
Model A1-5H
Model A1-7H
Model A1-Super

Create Meta Parts

Use the same 8 fasteners over and over? Model them in one part and choose the fastener by configuration instead of wading through tons of separate fastener files.

Manage assembly variants

Design Configurations work with assemblies and subassemblies too.

Document states of mechanism movement

Create snapshots of important states within mechanism movement and easily switch between them. Insert the states into 2D drawings for progressive documentation.
Click to change the Assembly Design Configuration that is used:
Closed Slide
Open Slide
Open Core
Render Setup

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