Design Contest Winners

David Milway

First Place
Electrical engineer by day, model engine enthusiast by night; we offer congratulations to David and his Cylinder Compound Condensing Engine for winning this year's design contest. 
"About 5 years ago I was given a large number of back issues of Model Engineer (including copies from the 1920s) which I found fascinating to read. The author of one article included a full set of drawings for the '2 Cylinder Compound Condensing Engine', suggesting it would make a good model. I agreed with him and took on the process of creating the 3D design.

"From my recollection, the process took about 3 months to do most of the work. I did start with a large library of small parts like nuts, bolts, and rivets which are numerous in the design. What I most enjoy in the process, apart from creating a fully working model, is how to create the intricate parts like the connecting rods, the steam valves and the pumps all with an eye to how I might fabricate them."

Chris Line

Second Place
Chris may be retired, but his love for design and attention to detail powered his Radial Engine to a second place finish in this year's contest. Congratulations, Chris!
"I've always loved the large WWII aircraft engines, radials, and the inlines. When I saw it, I knew that I just had to draw it. I would say that it took a few days. I probably spent more time polishing it than drawing it! It turned out pretty nice, I think.

"I can even make the moving parts rotate by grabbing the 'Master Rod Counterweight' with the mouse and make everything go into motion. This was the challenge in my book."

Third Place

Harold Lakoduk - RSJ Tractor

Honorable Mention

William Lovell - Robot

Honorable Mention

Darin Deitz - Seat
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