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    Sneak Peak of 2011 :)

    Great additions Max. :D Will these be in Professional, or just Expert Levels of Alibre? :D
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    Trace parts DVD and Alibre

    LOL, I thought you were a Mod Ralf
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    LOL, the server didn't like me for some strange reason. Support was helpful and so was Max. V12.1 is installed and Running!!!!!!!!! :D Now I have to do the install on the other 2 PC's :mrgreen:
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    Sorry for the late reply. Actually I had to email Support. I received a reply of a Manual Account Upgrade but the option still isn't there to get the upgrade. My Maintenance is still good till 5-12-10 so I guess a phone call is in order for tomorrow or next week. Thanks for asking.
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    Trace parts DVD and Alibre

    I received the DVD a month ago but have not installed it yet. I'll try it this weekend to see if it works.
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    That's good news!!! I thought there was going to be a problem with the Algor Design Check too.
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    Yes I logged into my account, upgraded, then proceeded to the Download Page. Funny, I never had this happen before. It'll probably be there tomorrow, no big deal. Thanks for the info :D
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    I downloaded it today but what is the build number ?? I keep getting Installer V92. What am I missing, LOL :mrgreen:
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    Space Navigator PE Won't Pan

    I have been using my new 3D Connection since Christmas Eve and it's GREAT!!!!!!! It has improved modeling speed at least 25% so far and it is bound to make it faster over time. Assembly time is even faster too. GET ONE!!!!!!! GET ONE!!!!!!! GET ONE!!!!!!! GET ONE!!!!!!! GET ONE!!!!!!! :D
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    "Merry Christmas" 2009

    I'll take 24 plus inches whenever you can send it. Thanks!! :D
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    "Merry Christmas" 2009

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    Windows 7

    Well, what do you have on your Christmas for Santa?? :wink: Believe me, a Red Rider BB-Gun will not come if you ask because you might "shot your eye out". LOL, Drop me a line when you have time.
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    Can I push one part with another in asm mode?

    The News Letters will not come if you have a xxx@xxxxx.net address. You have to have a xxx@xxxx.com Address. I had this problem until I opened my website which is a .com address.
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    To upgrade or not....that is the question

    So have you decided to up grade?? I was thinking about going from V12 Pro to Expert this year too but needed more inspection instruments. The inspection instruments won the toss due to incoming work.
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    TraceParts Announces its Third Christmas Tree Design Contest

    I was thinking the same thing. Why a few weeks before X-Mas?? They should have done it sooner, LOL. :(