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Sheet Metal Thread Form Sheet Metal Thread Form v2

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The zip file contains thread forms for numbers 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 sheet metal screws in folders for 18 and 16 gauge sheet metal. The size of the forms is based on the average Minor Diameter for each size that is highlighted on the included PDF. The parts could be modified to Metric sizes if needed at the users discretion. There are named parameters in the Equation Editor that can be edited to either refine the tools for your particular needs and/or create new ones of various sizes.
The profile shape of the thread forms is based on tooling I found on the Conic web site.

Each part is marked with its description on the edge so if you have large icons displayed you can identify the files for selection. ( As long as we have a Wrap tool I thought, 'Why not.')

Create a .531 inch diameter hole in your sheet metal part at the fastener location. Then create a Boolean Unite feature by inserting the required Thread Form in the hole. Using the Fastener Constraint should place the thread form in the hole just fine although you may need to flip it before committing the Boolean. Rotational orientation is not likely an issue unless your design requires it. In that case "Show Reference Geometry" before constraining the thread form.

If you need to create a rectangular or circular pattern then create a pattern of the holes BEFORE inserting the Boolean part. Then create a pattern of the Boolean part AFTER inserting and constraining the first one. Once the Boolean is accepted all the thread forms will be joined to the sheet metal.

You should insert an axis in the sheet metal hole prior to inserting the thread form so it is easier to align parts and fasteners in an assembly.

Any comments are welcome.
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