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    Keyshot Pro and Alibre.

    Hi All, I have Alibre design Expert 2018 1.1. I would like to purchase the full Pro version of Keyshot as a stand alone would that work ok with my version of Alibre Design. Cheers, Raymond.
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    Constraining Gears

    Hi Folks, I have to assemble a few Module 2 spur gears, what is the best method of achieving this ? They would need to be constrained as if they were "in mesh ". I can't think of an accurate way of achieving this. Cheers.
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    Autodesk V Red

    Hi folks, Just been getting to grips [ or trying ] with the above mentioned software, Incredibly powerful, Just wondered if any forum users had used or is using it.
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    Keyshot problem.

    Hi Folks, Could anyone shed any light on the following problem, had to re instal the OS and of course my programmes and now when I try to render a model in Keyshot I get the following message seen in the attached screenshot. I downloaded Keyshot from the Alibre website...
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    Method for creating a PDF.

    Hi All, Further to my previous thread, What would be the procedure for creating a PDF from a solid model that has been rendered in Keyshot 7 ? If I render the model then save it as a Jpeg then start Adobe and try to import / open the file .. I get the message "Unsupported format...
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    Blank sheet in PDF.

    Hi All, Today I wanted to create a pdf of a solid model I have constructed. I would like to create a PDF showing the solid model, when I go to "Publish to PDF " I get all the usual options, but when I select preview, the sheet is blank, no model. I can create a PDF of the drawing...
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    Octane render.

    Hi all, Is there any way I can use Octane render or Maxwell render with Alibre ? I would like to try a few different renders. Im not keen on Simlab. [ although that was probably more down to me ]. Keyshot is fine, just want to try a few others. Regards
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    Project to sketch.

    Hi All, Is it possible to use "project to sketch " in an assembly ? ie, I have a part B in said assembly and holes have to be exactly matching the holes in part A in location. I tried to project the holes from A to B but no success [ so far ] Thanks.
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    Faces / Materials.

    As a follow on from my thread over on the Keyshot section [ edit geometry ] is there anything I can do in Alibre that would enable me to take my model into Keyshot and apply different materials/ colours to specific faces of the same part. Regards.
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    Edit Geometry.

    Hello Folks, Been trying to edit geometry in Keyshot because I need to apply different finishes to a part. The part was modelled in Alibre Expert [ latest version ] but when I import the model into Keyshot the edit geometry button is greyed out !! only insert geometry and...
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    My newest Pc

    Hi all, Been years since I posted on the forum, I have been plodding along with my original version of Alibre design expert and my original custom built machine. and now I am thinking about purchasing an upgrade to the 2017 version . My question is .... would My new machine run...
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    Photorender Hanging

    Photorender Hanging Hello all, I have just purchased a new pc for use in my workshop [my other 2 machines][1 is a siemens workstation and the other is specially built] they reside in the house. But here is my problem the new pc handles...
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    New Computer

    New Computer Hello All, Recieved my new computer 3 days ago and Alibre v10 is running at absolute lightning speed {it was very fast on my other machine a Siemens but the new one is quite a few clicks higher Although Alibre is...
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    Computer Specs

    Computer Specs Hello all, This is the second time that I have posted this question but I think I may have done something wrong the first time as I could not see my post in the forum so apologies if it turns up twice. My question is as...