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  1. beastro

    Update to V25

    Hi David, Lots of good updates in the new version, but expanded snapping is a bit of a disappointment. To start with, I consider it more of a bug fix than a new feature because it should have been there for all functions when it was introduced for drawing tools. Unfortunately, dimensioning and...
  2. beastro

    Alibre Speed Test v24 to v25

    On my system, V25 operates very sluggishly. V24 was significantly more responsive.
  3. beastro

    Space Mouse

    I have been in touch with 3dconnexion support and followed their instructions to completely remove the drivers and reinstall. I can assign keyboard macros now and Space mouse works again as well. Here are the instructions: 3Dconnexion instructions Still, radial menus don't display correctly on...
  4. beastro

    Crash when opening

    In m In my case, I did not rename references, but created new configurations renaming the default configuration to something meaningful. This is normal procedure along the way of designing and should be handled correctly.
  5. beastro

    Space Mouse

    I have the latest 10.8.7. I sent a support request to 3Dconnexion and reinstalled the drivers. It seems to work again, but lost all my settings.. I create the macros in the macro section of the 3d configuration utility.
  6. beastro

    Space Mouse

    Sure enough, with the latest update from 3dconnexion my Space mouse stopped working entirely. I also never got the buttons to respond to keyboard macros in Alibre. It is a great tools, but I don't understand why they don't make it fully compatible with Alibre after so many years. I complained to...
  7. beastro

    Crash when opening

    OK, I managed to open the assembly again. First, I tried to rename a suspicious part and thus take it out of the assembly. The following pop-up message showed some errors relating tp a global parameters file in which I had renamed a configuration ages ago. Never gave me problems until yesterday...
  8. beastro

    Crash when opening

    It is pretty big and complex with various sub-assemblies. All sub-assemblies can be loaded individually. I might have created a constraint loop which prevents Alibre to startup. I will try to rename the sub-assembly where it hangs and temporarily remove while loading. Maybe that way I can get...
  9. beastro

    Crash when opening

    Hi, All of the sudden, Alibre is repeatedly crashing when opening an assembly. Never happened before. I am suspecting there is a problem with some constraints in the assembly, but that should not prevent Alibre from opening the assembly. Is there any way to open the file and see what is going...
  10. beastro

    Invisible constraints

    Brilliant!! Thank you so much! Kind regards
  11. beastro

    Invisible constraints

    Good afternoon, I just stumbled over the fact that in sketch view some constraints are not documented with symbols and therefore cannot be deleted. Is there a way to make them visible or to somehow select them? Thanks Berthold
  12. beastro


    Hi Harold, Sorry for the late reply! I was out of town and did not check back on the forum until today. Great video! Thank you so much for the information. I was not aware that thin extrude does not require a closed sketch for extrusion. Instead of saving as separate files, I would probably...
  13. beastro


    Hi, Apparently, there is a tool in Fusion360 to split an object into two using a "cutting tool". I attach the image of a friend who is using this to make joints for 3d prints. Short of using a boolean subtract, which would leave you with two half pieces of the same part that cannot be easily...
  14. beastro

    Build 2017.1.2 Why is it so unstable

    I think that's why so many of us chose Alibre to start with and remain loyal customers. I usually subscribe to maintenance every alternate year and that works pretty well for me. As Simon stated, they implement features according to the rules of majority. At least there is a scripting feature...
  15. beastro

    Constrain Multiple faces

    Good afternoon, I just updated to V24, and I am wondering whether any progress has been made on this issue? Is it possible to constrain a face to a surface? I reattach the images. Kind regards
  16. beastro

    New Forum Format with COOKIES

    Good point!!
  17. beastro


    Just in case I missed some important news.... ;-) Have the votes been counted already? Regards
  18. beastro

    Poll - Screen Resolution / DPI

    Surface Pro 5 2736 x 1824 @ 200%
  19. beastro

    Design Contest Live - Enter now!

    Oh no..... I missed the deadline :eek::eek::eek::eek:. I somehow had the 20th of february in my mind and just wanted to upload my designs... So very disappointing!!!
  20. beastro

    Export to CNC

    I found a converter https://www.autodwg.com/dwg_dxf_converter/buy.html The trial version lets you convert 3 files at a time.