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    A Couple of V12 Issues

    One minor issue is that it had to be downloaded with IE instead of Firefox, not a big deal. The other issue it the Exporting of Step, Step_203, Step_214, and Iges is not working the way they should. I cannot share the file because of proprietary reasons but I can say that it has a variety of...
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    Tire Treads on Cylindrical Surface???

    A month ago I was reading a thread where you gurus were making tire treads. Now I can't find it and did several searches in every sub-forum here. Where did that thread go????? :? BTW: I found the gears I was looking for, I just have to buy them, LOL. :mrgreen: I also found the Miniature...
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    Miniature Worm Gears???

    I looked in the Alibre and Trace Parts Libraries with no success. Where can we download Miniature Worm Gears?? Preferably 2.5:1 to 6.0:1.
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    How many of you are using RedEye RPM Instant Quote??

    I am just wondering how many of you are using the RedEye RPM Instant Quote?? How accurate is it? Do you like it? What else are you using?? Anyone???
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    Alibre Logo

    Where can I find a Clean Alibre Logo???? I did a search and found nothing. I want to make a Nice Desk Ornament for customers to see. I have seen a few already from Ralf3 on coffee mugs. I don't have a good Raster to Vector software so that is why I am asking. It will look a bit like this one...
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    Translate Question

    I just got the translate yesterday and asked a few customers to send files in various formats for testing. Long story short on Import of a Catia Part File everything went smooth but in the design tree it is an Imported Step file. Is this what it is supposed to be??? :? I included the import...
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    Spread Sheet for Odd Threads

    I was wondering if anyone here had a Spread Sheet for Open Office that will calculate Hole Diameters for Odd Size Threads. I would also like to get Alibre to use this function in the Hole Feature. That is if this is possible. Unfortunately I have no experience with Spread sheets of any kind...
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    Add-Ons for Alibre You Might Enjoy

    I just downloaded open office after noticing it on my Desktop. LOL thought it was something else. Anyway, what are the benefits of Alibre Design Professional? Will it allow manipulation of surfaces???? Also there is another software Add-On that does allow complex surface manipulation, have...
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    First Impression

    First Impression what do you think??? Answer before thinking about it" First Impressions" Please!!! Thanks! :D
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    Alibre Website Error!!!

    I got this error when trying to visit the downloads area. While we all know Alibre is a legitimate Website, why is this error happening???
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    O-Ring Groove on side of Cylinder????

    I have been attempting to place an O-Ring Groove on the side of a Cylinder with Zero Success. Any Ideas??? I am thinking there is a way to Sweep Cut the Groove but need to create Geometry for the Sweep Shape. I have tried a Booleans Cut but it isn't right. This will be done on a Rotary 4th Axis...
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    Remove Alibre on a Old PC to tranfer to another PC

    I have Alibre installed on a Old Lap Top and want to transfer a license to a new lap top. I see in my Alibre account that I can request other licenses but no way to transfer a license. How is this done??
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    Best Grapgics Card Settings for Alibre and CAM Packages????

    I have an ATI FireGL V3350 card with 256mb. The Desk Top is a Dell Dimension 4700, Dual P4's 3.2Ghz each, and 3GB Ram running XP SP2. Currently the graphics card is set to a Solidworks setting for both CAD and CAM. Is there a better setting that someone could suggest so I do not wind up...