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    What happened to JST?

    Hope he's OK, looks like he hasn't been around in a few months.
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    Creating reference lines in drawings - how to?

    For a part drawing I'd like to create reference or construction lines that will allow ne to show and dimension a bolt circle and an angular offset from (say) the X-axis to one of the holes. What's the best/quickest way to do that in V24? I was on a much older version before and seem to recall...
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    Upgrade procedure - 2019 Expert to V24 Expert?

    What's the recommended procedure for upgrading ver. 2019 to V24? Just update through the Alibre Utilities tab or do I need to uninstall 2019 before installing V24? Are there any gotchas awaiting me, like custom thread settings or other system features that need to be save before upgrading...
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    Who here can close threads?

    Just curious - who here can close threads, is it just Alibre staff or can some of the normal users close them, too?
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    NVIDIA® Quadro® P600 Card

    Is there any benefit or downside to using the subject video card with Alibre, either now or in any near-term upgrades? I'm considering a new desktop PC and this card is the only option aside from a built-in Intel option.
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    Script examples and/or sample videos

    Are there any examples or videos show where scripting may be beneficial and ways that it is be used to improve the deign experience? Maybe I used the wrong search criteria, but Google didn't turn up much and the Script add-on page has very little info.
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    Change the sketch plane?

    Is there a way to change the plane or face on which a sketch is drawn? If there isn't could that feature please be added to the wish list?
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    Maintenance Poll

    RocketNut wanted a poll on maintenance renewal so here's what I came up with.
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    April 1st release - anything new?

    Has anything changed in today's release? I browsed the What's New doc from today and the one from the release back in December and the only thing that seems to be different is that today's What's New has fewer line items in the bug fix section than the December What's New. Presumably that was...
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    V17 changes worth maintenance fees?

    V17 has been out a while now and I'm wondering if most users feel that the changes from v16 to v17 are worth the annual maintenance fee. I'll be upgrading in a week or two after a computer change is completed, but on first read the feature changes documented in the What's New doc seemed a bit...
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    OnShape - new CAD from SW founders?

    Does anyone here know something about OnShape? http://www.onshape.com/ It's apparently a new CAD product being developed by a team of 70 with several ex-SW employees involved and they are now running a trial of some sort. Mike
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    Editing text on solid (converted from mesh)

    The attached file is part that was imported as an STL mesh and then converted to solid so that I could add some engraved text to it for 3D printing. I'm having problems editing the text so that can change the text or attributes. I select the Sketch that the comprises the text, RMB and select...
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    3DS acquires Cimatron

    And Cimatron owns GibbsCAM apparently. I wonder what that means for future GMD features and integration with 3rd party software.
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    Today's Hotfix - what does it fix?

    Does anybody know what the Hotfix released today (May 12, 2014) fixes? Mike
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    Phantom parts in an assembly (DropBox)

    I've been working on an assembly lately and been having problems with parts periodically disappearing from the assembly. I'm using configurations in some parts and all files (parts, assemblies, and drawings) is hosted on the DropBox. Usually I just re-insert the missing parts, re-constrain and...
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    Retaining focus and zoom while adjusting constraints

    I'm in the middle of fine tuning a moderately complex assembly and a couple of things are driving me nuts. One is that once you click in the Design Explorer, focus shifts to that area so that when you move the mouse to the assembly window, scrolling to zoom the assembly just scrolls the Design...
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    Possible to mirror a part(s) in an assembly?

    Is it possible to mirror one or more parts in an assembly? I gather not, from a search here, but figured it wouldn't *hurt* to get it confirmed. Mike
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    Annotations in assemblies

    I was trying to add several notes to an assembly via the Annotations features and had quite a few problems. The first note added seemed to work pretty well, but subsequent attempts to add another annotation resulted in various problems. The subsequent notes just disappeared when the "Apply"...
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    GMD 16 - that it for the next year?

    Is the recent release likely to be the only major release for the next year? I asked in the GM 16 thread, but that seems to be focused on license issues now.
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    Symmetric contraint not working

    I'm trying to use a symmetric constraint to center the slots in this part about the X axis but GM 2014 won't let me, claiming that it is unable to find a solution. This problem crops up for me intermittently - what am I doing wrong? BTW, I've temporarily solved the problem in this part by...