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  1. ZWO ASI Astrophotography Camera Mobile Phone Holder

    ZWO ASI Astrophotography Camera Mobile Phone Holder

    Concept design.
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    v23 - Request Thread

    1. A Standard Parts Library (such as "http://partlibrary.alibre.com/index.php") should be included in the Dynamic Design Library. 2. A View Cube Menu (a menu with more functions concerning view control or management) can be activated by a RMB click. 3. Tracing Images can be toggle on or off...
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    Making 3D printable threads

    It is suggested to download a trial version of Alibre Design Expert before you make decision to upgrade. I am a Fusion 360 (educational version) user before.
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    Traceparts ANSI fasteners?

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    Yikes...What's up with the Alibre Home Page?

    I found these when I visit V21 preview on 2020-01-09.
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    Need Help With Set Screw Dim

    Try M14 x 1 screw thread. The drill hole size is around 13mm in diameter.
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    Missing surface in 3D pdf

    Try "3D PDF Reader" apps with your Android mobile.
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    3MF format

    You can try 3D Builder:
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    Material Library Wishlist

    Dear Max, This is a big surprise to me! Thank you so much!:D:D:D Best regards, Eddy So
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    Material Library Wishlist

    Hello Max, I am a user of Atom3D (and Cubify Design) from Hong Kong. Eddy
  11. Atom3D 2019 screen capture

    Atom3D 2019 screen capture

    3D model import from SolidWorks
  12. 2019-08-10 (1)

    2019-08-10 (1)

    Atom3D 2019 import from SolidWorks STEP file