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    Curious... How many using as a team vs. stand-alone

    I'm a single user for hobby purposes to design furniture and small projects to build in my woodshop/garage and I also use it to design sets for local community theaters.
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    Uninstalling versions of Alibre.

    I don't work for Alibre, but I have done installer development in my past and I can tell you, while what you're asking seems like it would be easy, its actually not. Not from the installer's perspective. From the looks of it, this dialog is just a warning to remind you that you should release...
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    Hardware for a Design Engineer

    Just looking at specs and price, the RTX 2070 is slightly better than the RTX 2060, but the 10750h is slightly better than the 9750h. So, spec-wise they're all pretty comparable. For my money, even though I'm not a fan of house brands, I'd go for the Element 1/50 Launch edition, primarily...
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    Has anyone else gotten an email from 3D Systems?

    I feel left out now, I haven't gotten one yet. At least that I recall...
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    Lenovo ThinkCentre M92Z (AIO-23")

    So out of curiosity I just did a quick google of memory for that laptop, you're maxed out at 16gig, it has 2 slots that will take a max of an 8gig dimm. Depending on how they did the 8 gig in the laptop, you're looking at either $92 to buy two 8 gig dimms or $46 for a single. (based on data from...
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    Using two graphics cards

    So, several things to think about here. First, Alibre will better take advantage of gaming graphics cards rather than professional graphics cards. It uses Direct-X rather than OpenGL, so if you're looking to spend the money, you're better off with the gaming GPUs. Secondly, I don't believe the...
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    Genius sought

    Would my safety be guaranteed? o_O
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    How is WINE support in 2021?

    Thanks, I managed to find the files and worked through a bunch of things and have made progress! I got it to bring up the splash screen, and then it dies, with following error: Licensing library could not be initialized. Error code: -3513 windows process error So, I'll keep digging a little...
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    How is WINE support in 2021?

    Well, I've installed windowsfx on a spare computer, and I fired up the alibre install. It went, somewhat okay, there were definitely issues, like not being able to see much of any text on the dialog boxes, but that was just the installer. Now the big issue is that I can't figure out if it...
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    How is WINE support in 2021?

    I've never heard of this one... I just took a look at their website, they seem interesting. I have a spare computer lying around, maybe I'll try loading things up on it and see what happens... I'll post back if/when I do and let everyone know what happened.
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    Assembly Tree

    You can insert the same part multiple times, I do this all the time. They will show up in the design tree with a number in parentheses to differentiate them. A couple of cautions to keep in mind: First, each part inserted, references the same underlying part/file, so if you modify the item, all...
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    Copyright Issues

    So, just because I'm curious, is there any reason you can't build the item and then generate a set of drawings to print out and take those with you to the garage? Other than the obvious of not wanting to use so much paper, of course? I ask because that's pretty much how I handle all my designs...
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    Part Design scale

    Glad to hear it sounds like you're starting to grasp how to work with alibre! I will say that getting the mental adjustment over to how it wants you to think is probably the hardest part of getting everything going. Once you get over that hurdle, then things get way more fun and interesting...
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    How do you use Configurations?

    I'm glad you're starting to see the power of configurations. Its pretty much the only reason that I have the top level version of Alibre, because I am completely addicted to configurations! I agree that things can get complicated very quickly, which is why I would suggest as one of the first...
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    Part Design scale

    Don, There's nothing wrong with the project you've chosen, its something that you want/need and its not super complicated. The problem that you're running into is one of understanding a different design process from what you're used to. There have been several topics about design flow whether...
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    What is the optimal workflow for generating design drawings for wood working?

    So, what you're missing is that you've created a part and what you want is an assembly. What you need to do is create each part of the top (The 2x4s the plywood pieces, etc) as individual parts and then put them together in an assembly. That way you can more easily do what you're after. At least...
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    [Atom3D] Importing 2d file to use in 3d model?

    When you import a DXF/DWG file its not a sketch but a drawing. It might sound like nit-picking, but its important. A sketch is what is used in the 3d portion to build you objects, a drawing is usually fed a 3d part or assembly to create its stuff. You can't go from a drawing over to a sketch...
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    Its primarily in the rendering, so you should still get pretty good responses even though it is a workstation graphics card. I believe Alibre is more processor and memory hungry than video card hungry. But keep in mind before you throw a massive multiprocessor chip at it, it will only use 1 of...
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    The only thing you really need to worry about, which I don't think is a problem, is that the video card is a quadro card. Alibre is built to work best with gaming video cards, due to it using direct-x instead of OpenGL. The quadro cards are optimized more for OpenGL based software, but should...
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    Do you have any questions about it working? Is that it? Which graphics option did you go with on the workstation? Looking at its specs it could be one of several different cards.... Alibre should work fine with it, as long as the video card supports DirectX...