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    "Convert to Sheet Metal" issue - disappearing material

    A part like that I would do directly in sheet metal.
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    If you have Windows 10 and it is set for revision you can right click on the folder where your files our stored and select properties and then go to the previous versions and there should be your files from yesterday and earlier in the current day.
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    Obround Shape Tool

    I would agree, I always end up going back and changing the values.
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    Sheet Metal strange open bending?

    I just check SolidWorks latest version and it does create a bend across a slot, so it is achievable, maybe Alibre needs to update its sketch bend module.
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    v23 - Genuine plea to reduce the number of clicks when dimensioning options need to be chosen!

    I like the way solid works does this, If you hover the curser over the spot you want the dimension to come from a node will automatically be applied and the dimension will be attached to that node.
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    Looking for advice on creating this manifold

    The last one i se was not open all the way. this one worked
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    Looking for advice on creating this manifold

    Here is a better part
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    Looking for advice on creating this manifold

    Something like this
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    Newbie: How to create a simple tapered cylinder?

    Or us the Lofted Flange tool in sheet metal where you only need to enter the data.
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    How to SMP?

    Or like this.
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    How to SMP?

    I supposes you want it like this? See File.
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    Can you chamfer sheet metal edge?

    The only way I know how to do this is by doing a cut with the modeling extrude cut tool;)
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    Trying to create a boss loft between 3 extrusions

    I just tried Solidworks and it can't loft on an extruded ring ether.
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    How to add a sheet metal flange on a lofted part

    I just tried SW And it can do a flange like you want with a little tweaking, but it did work with the flange tool, but not with the hem tool. ;) PS, was done with SW 2021
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    Saving Error....

    This happens to me when the file is highlighted in the widows explorer. closing the explorer or un-highlighting the file will let me save it. hope this helps
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    Poll - Screen Resolution / DPI

    3440 x 1440 @ 125%
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    Sheet Metal Bracket

    Here is one way
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    "Convert to feature" function ever coming?

    JST I would remodel the part. I use Solid works at work and their feature recognition is not that great. the software will not recognize the feature to how you would normally model the part, instead it will model it in some odd way and will not recognize all the features so you end up with a...
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    Sheetmetal, how to close a large gap

    There is a work around. the close corner tends to do that on large radius's. see file attached.
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    Hardware (?) problem.

    I use Image2punch program to do things like that. it is very fast and then you can export it to dfx. and inport it into Alibre. https://www.image2punch.com/