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  1. albie0803

    Weird fillet issue

    Sometimes the order in the fillet command works, sometimes it needs multiple commands. Each model becomes an adventure! :D I think it comes down to internal floating point calculation differences. o_O Editing can cause changes in the internal face/edge/point tables. Moving the dogbone to the...
  2. albie0803

    Weird fillet issue

    Select the 2 lower edges BEFORE selecting the top face. The order of selection can make a big difference. This method worked fine on both sides for me.
  3. albie0803

    Torque andPlanetarygear

    64 x 50 x .94 = 3008 kgf/cm .94 = efficiency for planetary gearbox
  4. albie0803

    Custom Drawing Template - Field Text

    Just Use Part Name only
  5. albie0803

    Scripting Help Please

    Thanks all for your input. Jason's ChatGPT was enough to fix some errors I had, allowing me to then go on and figure it out. Nate, the data layout was what I had originally, which I copied from someone here back when scripting first came out. I will be interested to explore what you offer and...
  6. albie0803

    Scripting Help Please

    I'm trying (and failing) to merge a script with 4 windows into 1 Existing script snippet: import glob import os import re HData = {} # HData[Size][Width]=[thick,root,toe],[thick,root,toe] HData[65]={} HData[65][50]=[4.6,6,3],[6,6,3],[7.8,6,3] HData[75]={}...
  7. albie0803

    Paste DXF into Alibre

    Or just drag and drop the dxf file onto the home window to have it open in a drawing.
  8. albie0803

    Holes at an angle around a cylinder.

    I never remember to create a plane using that method. I should, its an easier way. :)
  9. albie0803

    Holes at an angle around a cylinder.

    The easiest would be to create the centre hole (the one on the axis) then do 2 patterns, 1 up (anti-clockwise) and one down (clockwise) You don't have an absolute position for the hole but I would assume that the top edge is tangent to the 69 height ring. Insert a plane on this face. Insert a...
  10. albie0803

    Offset with parameter?

    Unfortunately no. If there is no f(x) button then parameters cannot be used for that measurement. The offset function is quite basic and there have been calls for it to be majorly overhauled. Maybe one day.
  11. albie0803

    Curious... How many using as a team vs. stand-alone

    I am the company draftsman and have been using Alibre for over 10 years. We are a general engineering and gearbox overhaul company and my main drawing job is to draw the items, mainly shafts and gears, that come in for repair/ replacement. This gives the machine shop clear drawings to work from...
  12. albie0803

    Disconnect reference

    If you create a sketch using Project to sketch and tick Maintain Association then the new sketch turns black and the lines will have an associated mark on them. Hover over the mark to select it and then delete it.
  13. albie0803

    How to insert an existing part file into a new template with new settings?

    What sort of settings in parts and assemblies are you talking about? Sheet metal has thickness parameters. With drawings, if your model is in inches and you want the drawing in mm then using a mm drawing template will automatically dimension in mm. I don't think there is a way to automatically...
  14. albie0803

    Worm and Worm Gears

    This often happens during the grinding of the worm tooth as the wheel is a disk against a twisted surface. The same sort of thing happens with the wheel as it rotates past the Vee shaped cutter
  15. albie0803

    Basic check-in, check-out, part and assembly search by properties (not just file name) etc.

    Will there be a way to import from M-Files? I have been using M-Files since Alibre 11 (2011)
  16. albie0803

    Part Weight in Title Blocks

    More on topic: I would like it if Alibre auto calculated the weight of an object on save when a material has been set in a part. Assemblies could then be auto summed for weight on save with a warning if any components have a zero weight, such as imported items. In the case of imported items...
  17. albie0803

    Part Weight in Title Blocks

    OH I wish! I would love to be able to fill up the space with customizable buttons for my favourite scripts.
  18. albie0803

    Simulating toothed belts and motion in an Assembly

    Activate the gear constraint, pick a circular edge for each gear, eg the bore. In the gear size fields, put the number of teeth for each gear. Hit OK then grab one of the gears and rotate it. The other gear will rotate accordingly. 10 and 10 will give you a 1:1 drive. 20 and 10 will give a 2:1...
  19. albie0803

    Simulating toothed belts and motion in an Assembly

    Use the gear/pulley constraint to get the wheels turning in sync, the timing belt, you may have to just use your imagination a bit.
  20. albie0803

    Metric trapezoidal thread table

    Metric Trapezoidal is included as a page in my AlibreThreads excel file. Have a look at the excel file first, you may want to use it in place of yours or just import the page.