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  1. Rob2beans


    Nate!! Thank you for the mods, this works excellent. I am going to study this script carefully. in the case of undocumented AlibreScript is there a way to get the list? In case your curious about the application of this script. My business is in aerospace, there are a lot of foam wing cores...
  2. Rob2beans


    Nate, thanks for the reply! What I have accomplished at this point is select a bspline from a sketch that could have multiple bsplines within the sketch and then subdivide a specific number according to length. Then I manually connect the points with another bspline then delete the old bspline...
  3. Rob2beans


    is there a way to remove figures? I am new to scripting and have limited knowledge in python programming. I wrote a script to subdivide a bspline and place points along the divides. I would like to delete the bspline after the points are placed is this possible?
  4. Rob2beans

    In need of CAD designer

    Gurney Flap for track cars.
  5. Rob2beans

    In need of CAD designer

    I have become overwhelmed with CAD work, in need of help. attached is a pic of the general shape of the parts that will be needed to be CAD'd. if your interested please reply, and we can go over details.
  6. LMM


  7. LMM lower cut.28.png

    LMM lower cut.28.png

  8. LMM no cut.31.png

    LMM no cut.31.png

  9. LMM no cut.32.png

    LMM no cut.32.png

  10. LMM side cut.27.png

    LMM side cut.27.png

  11. GF 3d Print Assembly.21

    GF 3d Print Assembly.21

  12. GF 3d Print Assembly.18

    GF 3d Print Assembly.18

  13. BRZ FRS GT500 One Side Left Section

    BRZ FRS GT500 One Side Left Section

  14. GF 3d Print Assembly

    GF 3d Print Assembly

  15. GF 3d Print Assembly.19

    GF 3d Print Assembly.19

  16. Rob2beans

    Poll - Screen Resolution / DPI

    3840 x 2160 @150%
  17. Prop


  18. Closeup


  19. Fuselage As Separate Parts.59

    Fuselage As Separate Parts.59

    Removable hatches
  20. Fuselage As Separate Parts.60

    Fuselage As Separate Parts.60

    Glamour pic 3