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    I think I'm all done with Alibre. I can't do this anymore.

    I would like to upload the working file for this error operation, except that I get the following error message! It is the first time I have received such an error message - and I have gobs of room left on a 1 TB Drive, so disk space is not an issue, and I am running - at the point of the error...
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    I think I'm all done with Alibre. I can't do this anymore.

    This is a screen capture - showing the Error message of attempting to draft a simple box - extrude with 1 Degree Draft, not attached to anything else in the current model. The Box is 3" x 2" and the Draft Angle applied at extrusion = -1.00 ˚, as copied from the Feature Edit Window. This was...
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    Why I will never see videos from Solidworks

    Looks Like an old Army /Navy/Airforce Tune ...."You can run, but you can't hide!" On the other hand - here is how to see them on your terms: Our California Friends - Google can help - youtube Solidworks Videos" and here is a first link - http://www.youtube.com/user/solidworks So that works...
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    Frustrated Newbie

    Well - I just took some time to go fire up AD 10.0 which I am still on - too busy to sit down to do the V11 upgrades - and did a simple cam Assembly: 3 parts only - Housing, Cam, Cam follower. Saved the parts and assemblies in a new folder - and uploaded it to my website to link to so you can...
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    My Alibre Design Quick-Tips

    Hi Toshi, Thanks for that tip. Anyway - Since Ron has worked full time with Alibre since about the same time I discovered it, I can understand his capabilities as being quite on the mark for such a Manual for sale. I still get steady traffic on my Tutorials page - inspite of them being created...
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    Frustrated Newbie

    Just some general thoughts - I had different issues than you when I started - but I did make some of the same language responses you might be making when things happen not as planned - but I did get my assemblies up to the point that I could build simple gif animations by creating them one snap...
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    My Alibre Design Quick-Tips

    Hi, It has bee a long time since I did anything to help the Alibre Design Community, but I had some ideas in mind when I returned to regular work, called - 'Quick Tips' - simple 1 - 2 - 3 Step instructions, of which I have only been able to get two of them set up so far. Have a look at them at...
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    GearTrax GearTrax for Solidworks Quantities 1-3: $749 / 149 (Is that maintenance?) Educational Pricing: $95 -.... Hmmmm shounds like the price for Alibre Motion, All of us in School - Say 'Aye' ! As to myself - I figure Gears/Cams would be...
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    free alibre design

    Re: You need to Register (I believe) to extend that to year end, or something like that, later it gets updated / extended - it's just (as far as I know) a record keeping date after registering. Mirror in the Features - mirror across a...
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    Maybe time to upgrade!

    Re: Alibre Motion Well - an email I got - read it since I posted this - says - it will cost me an Extra $95 (In pre-launch purchase) :shock: :oops: I guess it is another little growth spurt from Alibre, Inc. that needs covering! Guess I am out...
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    Export File: Recommended Techniques

    Files in translation - Version #'s Hi all. I think - there may also be some missing info here in this thread - no Version numbers for SW mentioned. So - is it SW 2004 (or older), SW 2005, or SW 2006? And - which AD version are you in - V8.2, V9.0? (In AD - Home...
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    Dodgy web sites listed on Alibre

    slimy & dodgy registrants killing forum Steved - yes - that is not the only one - My own forum was Hacked - and by the time I noticed it - it was past the age of the database backups available online! :oops: :x Part of the perils of working so many hours on my job, and...
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    Maybe time to upgrade!

    Re: Alibre Motion Thanks for that link James! Excellent! (About time?) Well - for me - I can only say - I am glad I hung around this long!! And - since my maintenance is covered through to December - I can say this ..... It's Mine!!!! :lol: Robert
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    Windows XP 64 bit

    Re: Alibre & x64 OS - the definitive answer! So there we have it - no more guessing! amclimber, have you thought of a sollution to try? Maybe you will have to do a Dual Boot system with x64 & XP - etc.?! Robert
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    Windows XP 64 bit

    Re: Windows XP 64 bit Expect AD V9.0 to work in the 32-bit compatibility mode of 64-bit Os for now. There has been much interest (on the user side) for a 64-bit version - but no announcments to the effect that it may come out, from the company side - to...
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    Benefits of Alibre

    Re: Angie - Just weighing in here - can't add much to the topics alread covered, just that the Tutorials I have posted on my web may be of some interest in your research too! Also - check out the flash segments and the animations! Robert
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    Part association with MSC.Nastran

    MSC Visual Nastran Scott - since you are using this - maybe you could let me know about the issues of Licence Maintainabilty. IE - I have AD Expert. Never installed the add on for this yet - due to my (miss?)understanding that it's license was limited...
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    Solidworks / Alibre Observations

    Solidworks Observations (SW 2004) Hi! Nice Thread! I am currently in training on SW 2004 - for the sake of having some understanding of what other program users are talking about when they approach me using their programs situations vs me in Alibre Design. Last...
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    Screen grab

    Screen Grab? 'Snag-it!' I have been using 'Snagit' from TechSmith for this - and I love it! Try it! It's now at V8.0 - and I am still on V7 - but plan on getting the upgrade! Robert
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    Configuration and Xpress/Alibre Standard

    Xpress <-> AD File Txfrs John - Yes - I can smell the Iron(y) burning the white colars all the way up here! However - since I have not yet upgraded from 8.2 to V9 - and the wife has Xpress 8.2 on here system - I would figure My file could be read by her copy of...