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  1. OTE_TheMissile

    When did you start using the best cad system in the world?

    Discovered Alibre when I started my new job working at RIVCO Products in January of 2008, they'd only just purchased the package and I was the guy they got to figure it out & redraw all of their product designs to it. Spent about 2 weeks randomly punching the keyboard before I got completely...
  2. OTE_TheMissile

    Cut a piece into several ones?

    The quick-and-dirty way would be to model the entire stringer as one piece, Save As 3 copies of it as different files, then add a Cut to each of those 3 files to break the model up into 3 pieces. More proper way would be to again model the stringer as one piece, add 3 Cut features representing...
  3. OTE_TheMissile

    Adding Knurling to a part

    I've done it in 3D for a giggle once or twice. Two helical sweeps in opposite directions with a feature pattern. And yeah, computer hated it :D EDIT: Probably my best, likely because it's so short.
  4. OTE_TheMissile

    Sketches visible after feature

    Been that way as far back as I can remember. Usually they camouflage themselves among the edges of the Extrude or Cut they create, but if you're removing material at the edge of the part or if the Sketch is a projection from a sheetmetal Flange, they end up visibly hanging out in space. But...
  5. OTE_TheMissile

    Union Pacific #4017 Big Boy

    I couldn't tell how fast it was going & am not smart enough to know how to edit videos on my phone lol
  6. OTE_TheMissile

    Union Pacific #4017 Big Boy

    I haven't had a reason to go up that way in ages or I'd make a trip out of it. There's an R/C track I raced at a few times near there, but I got out of the hobby around 2015. I have seen the restored #4014 run past me when it came through on its first tour. One of those things your brain...
  7. OTE_TheMissile

    Clear all shortcut in measure window?

    My college instructor got me into the habit of double-clicking on the background of my workspace between every operation I did while modeling. He called it "wiping the mouse". Conveniently it also means none of my coworkers want to take up the desk right next to mine in the office, because...
  8. OTE_TheMissile

    Arc between two points with a specific depth [solved]

    No prob. I use that Slot Dimension tool all the time, it's a powerful piece & relatively easy to understand if you take a minute to study the diagrams. And of course, regular practice. Couple of hints: -Always click the line (or point) first and the arc second. You can do the reverse but...
  9. OTE_TheMissile

    Arc between two points with a specific depth [solved]

    Draw your arc using 3 Points (Start, End, Radius), first 2 clicks will be the 2 upper points you already have drawn, 3rd click to set radius can be broadly anywhere as long as the arc is curved in the right direction & above your bottom line. Dimension tool, click the bottom line first and the...
  10. OTE_TheMissile

    I took the plunge

    When I was hired to work for RIVCO, I'd never heard of Alibre Design. Spent my first 2 weeks rolling my face across the keyboard just to see what happened. When that stopped working, I found these forums. That was...2008? Point is, you're in good hands.
  11. OTE_TheMissile

    Struggling to constrain pipe fittings in an assembly

    Rule of thumb: always constrain to reference geometry whenever possible, and by association always try to design your parts to take advantage of reference geometry. They should always be your most reliable source of assembly constraint features.
  12. OTE_TheMissile

    Re-modeling an STEP file?

    This isn't exactly the same scenario but it illustrates the idea; this is a trailer hitch we make for Indian's big bagger motorcycle (RIVCO part number IC007-V2 [/shameless plug]) that attaches to part of the rear fender/saddlebag support. We were able to figure out where the two pairs of bolts...
  13. OTE_TheMissile

    Re-modeling an STEP file?

    What I'd do in this situation is recreate the part within the best of my ability, then start an Assembly with the given model and the one I created constrained to the same spot, so they're merged together. Make one model a different color than the other and you can see where surfaces don't line...
  14. OTE_TheMissile

    Sheet metal practice

    Yeah my focus has never been getting models/prints out as fast as humanly possible, I lean more towards modeling in ways that are easy to understand if I need to come back later to make changes or revisions. "Always do a good job for the next guy, because the 'next guy' is you." -AvE Which is...
  15. OTE_TheMissile

    Sheet metal practice

    If I had to model this, I'd designate the top "arm" as the master and drive all the other 3 arms' features through the Equation Editor. Then adjust the length of the inside flanges to get the 60mm height (through some napkin-scribble trig) before tuning the length of the outside flanges to get...
  16. OTE_TheMissile

    Center an Imported Step File on the Origin

    There's a couple of ways to abuse Part Booleans and Assembly models into moving the origin for an imported model. The general idea is to use Assembly constraints to reposition the part the way you want it, then Export it again into a format that returns it to a dumb solid but while keeping the...
  17. OTE_TheMissile

    using ai to calculate the geometry of gears

    There's a big argument in the anime fanart community right now over people passing off AI-generated art as their own (which, OK, you need to know what words to feed the AI to get a result, but c'mon, that doesn't compare to actually sketching, lining, and coloring by hand). It probably would've...
  18. OTE_TheMissile

    Adjust zoom granularity?

    Not that I'm aware (obligatory mention of "I'm using an older version of Alibre") but if you check under the "Viewing and Analysis" tab there should be a standalone Zoom control that will allow you to click and drag anywhere in the workspace to zoom in and out with possibly a higher degree of...
  19. OTE_TheMissile

    Draw rectangle and move center to origin.

    Holding left Ctrl while clicking + dragging on a coincident-constrained node will break the constraint and allow you to move the node by hand freely