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    help with dimple / flange mending

    Bhowell, did you want to make a shape like this?
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    How to create a sketch of intersection of plane and boss

    Hi, Involute, here is the video for getting the section sketch of the cylinder. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPjqx85KlDg
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    How to create a sketch of intersection of plane and boss

    Somewhat like this sketch? (Part sample) View
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    Nvidia quadro 600 1 GB Promo graphics

    You mean the drawback of Quadro with Alibre? I guess none. I am using NVIDIA Quadro NVX 135M for both Alibre and CoCreate. It works sweetly. The model is Dell Latitude D830, of course CoCreate runs like native, but Alibre also runs well, at least no failure no mishaps, nothing wrong with it...
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    Drawing pipe fittings

    I could not find my query, it's been a while.... How do you find the spline with excel driven such as Max's one...? /viewtopic.php?t=5752/viewtopic.php
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    Drawing pipe fittings

    Hi, I thought I posted the similar query and MilesH and some others had guided me then. The tutorial will do but the point is, you need to have 2D sketch that uses the 3D spline as the guide curve. I guess I could show an example... hung on. :) Have you gone through this tutorial anyway?
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    How do I change the default number of posts per page

    I guess one need to request that (even that...?) to the user request post... http://feedback.alibre.com/forums/16127 ... uggestions Again... :(
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    Hi, Andrew. I am at Ver 15.50c. When I checked the Spaceclaim, it was heavier than CoCreate, and the performance versus price was not impressive then. For now, I am not sure, if Spaceclaim was Creo... Sorry if they were twins...But as far as I see them, they look different. Creo ver.1.0 is...
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    Are you familiar with PTC Creo element direct (ex CoCreate)? If so no need to mention of it. When I tried Space claim, it was the primary release with which quite a few features were missing. And I was not so much fascinated with the GUI. And most of all, the price. It was a lot as compared to...
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    Launching Alibre prior to excuting API (VC++2008 MFC)

    This is a dialog application which only lauch Alibre and initilize IADRootPtr m_pRoot To Nate; Yes to your latter query. :o
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    Launching Alibre prior to excuting API (VC++2008 MFC)

    When using MFC VC++2008, you could launch Alibre automatically with the following Windows API. ( The following is the contents of function LanchAlibre() ) STARTUPINFO siStartupInfo; PROCESS_INFORMATION piProcessInfo; memset(&siStartupInfo, 0, sizeof(siStartupInfo))...
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    pesky assembly problem

    Hi. I wonder if you could attach your assembly here so we could investivate the issue. Or if you could reproduce it with simpler assembly, then you don't have to show your specific assembly in public. Note: you would better export it as Alibre.step so the whole assembly would be bundled...
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    Using complex features - Tutorial

    You can save it by LEFT click. Watch out for the dialog that may open behind other windows. :D
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    Trouble drawing a cord

    I didn't know about them, Nate. So, there is one more work for them to do.. :P
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    Trouble drawing a cord

    Just a reference. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=373Uh9NZTeU As is often the case, in the reality, the shown method won't work as intended (by me...)though. At least, it will not beep saying line is intersecting.... as far as it is concerned. :roll:
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    Part mass increases when inserted to an assembly

    I once was unsure of the assembly weight... I made an assembly with two pieces of part. One steel and the other aluminum. I upload it so you don't have to make it. It seems the total weight is fine....
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    extrude dimensions in models

    I think, Menu --- View->Annotation (Ctrl+Shft+A). :D
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    Section View Icon is Constantly Ghosted

    According to Alibre site, PE doesn't have the section view 2D feature. You are advised to upgrade it to above packages.
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    2011 AD-PRT to 11.2?

    Quite often than not, the text file Alibre.stp could be edited and replaced version numbers with older version number to make it usable with older version. Note, you need to make a reference Alibre.stp text file from both version to see how you need to replace the version numbers. Cheers.