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  1. gwbruce

    How to create a Parametric Alphanumeric Serial Number

    @Ex Machina great video. More information that I need right now but I'll keep it in the tool kit for the future. Thanks.
  2. gwbruce

    Wow. Nice software

    Go to TooTallToby.com and check it out. There are a lot of practice models to do and most of the competition stuff is on there. You can see the verified videos that the people who are trying to get into the competition do and see past winners also. People from all over the world compete and...
  3. gwbruce

    Too Tall Toby Leaderboard

    It's too bad that Alibre doesn't have a way we can write a macro and invoke it with a hot key.
  4. gwbruce

    Too Tall Toby Leaderboard

    @Ex Machina you are most welcome. The thanks really go to to you and all of the other guys that take the time and effort to make the youtube videos and for posting the hints and tips here on the forum. Thank you all.
  5. gwbruce

    Too Tall Toby Leaderboard

    Ok after a little mouse searching and pricing things here is what I found out. I am currently using a Logitech M510 mouse and am happy with it. However, like others I kept getting tired of the project to sketch routine I used often in Alibre (daily SW user at work and it has the imprint...
  6. gwbruce

    Too Tall Toby Leaderboard

    Great video. I learned a few things. Can you tell me what mouse you are using?
  7. gwbruce

    Source for nuts & bolts etc

    I use the .SAT option when I download from McMaster. It works well for me.
  8. gwbruce

    v28 still missing thread modeling

    Yes it is. I have taken the stuff from @Ex Machina and created taps and dies for metric, imperial and ACME threads. I don't have the need to produce actual threads very often but when I do this saves me a ton of time.
  9. gwbruce

    Daunting reality of cloud software

    Perfect example of why I don't store anything out on a cloud drive anywhere. The people who own the drive can screw you over and if you aren't vigilant you can lose a lot of data. I just don't trust them.
  10. gwbruce

    What .PDF writer/reader/editor do you use?

    I use Kofax Power PDF at work and like it. Was thinking about getting it for home also.
  11. gwbruce

    Too Tall Toby Leaderboard

    Man I got some catching up to do on my Too Tall Toby leaderboard stuff. I'm falling behind.
  12. gwbruce

    v28 Bug List

    Found something this morning. When setup with the GRAY color palette and doing a drawing, I went into a dimensions properties to make a change and the dialog box pops up like this but using DARK mode I get this dark mode kind of makes it hard to see the text. If you select any of the...
  13. gwbruce

    v28 will release 5/29

    Glad you guys are safe. Those power outages suck.
  14. gwbruce

    Too Tall Toby Leaderboard

    If that is the practice model leaderboard Toby said some people have figured a way to trick the times. He said he would delete those really quick times. That was in one of the model Monday videos recently.
  15. gwbruce

    A great way to start my Friday!

    from the web site
  16. gwbruce

    The Alibre Toolbox and How To Make a Welded Frame with it!

    Konstantinos it is good to see you back. This was a good video explaining the use of the tool box. I have been thinking of setting up some parts in the tool box that I uses frequently but just haven't ventured in to it yet. I have a better understanding now. Thanks.
  17. gwbruce

    Alibre Design - Modeling with a Twist

    Great video Harold. You never fail to teach me something. Thanks.
  18. gwbruce

    Too Tall Toby Leaderboard

    GG to Airwick. I'll have to try and watch the replay tonight. Dang work got in the way and couldn't watch it during the day.
  19. gwbruce

    10 Black Belt Moves in Alibre!

    Another great video. A great refresher and of course I learned some new things. That Ty-tab move was awesome. I saw his video for the spring open but I missed that move. Thanks for point it out. Keep them coming.
  20. gwbruce

    Too Tall Toby Leaderboard

    @Ex Machina it was a good run. You were doing great. Imants is a tough competitor and really fast on Onshape. You did us all proud. Get well my friend.