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    need help

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    Tell me about your 3d Connexion Experience!

    This was the other German company that I was trying to remember: https://spacecontrol.de/download/manual/manual_en.html https://spacecontrol.de/?lang=en#produkte
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    Tell me about your 3d Connexion Experience!

    I had one of these: https://www.microsoft.com/buxtoncollection/detail.aspx?id=52 Mine was blue.
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    Tell me about your 3d Connexion Experience!

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    Tell me about your 3d Connexion Experience!

    https://3dconnexion.com/uk/about-us/ https://dezignstuff.com/3dconnexion-and-spaceballs/
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    Tell me about your 3d Connexion Experience!

    There was a German company that developed one about 20 years ago. Ralf will remember... I'm not sure what happened with it.
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    combining 2 2d images to create a 3d image

    Take a look at this model of a cabriole table leg: https://www.alibre.com/forum/index.php?threads/cabriole-table-leg.25146/
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    Constrain cam face to cam follower

    Gordon, You need to Create a Package. This includes all of the Parts referenced by the Assembly.
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    Source for nuts & bolts etc

    As you're in UK: https://www.automotioncomponents.co.uk/en https://www.wdscomponents.com/en-gb/ https://www.wixroyd.com/en
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    extrude lines

    You need to use Extrude Thin Boss.
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    Tell me about your 3d Connexion Experience!

    Like Jim, I've been using space mice for over 20 years. I started with one of the early Logitech ones. I ended up using the simple wired Space Navigator (or whatever it's called now), with just two buttons, together with other devices, Belkin Speedpad N52 and then Streamdeck, to get more...
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    Why does the 3d cube disappears all the time??

    I use a 3D mouse for manipulation but I do find the view-cube useful for setting a specific orthogonal view. Once I'm close, I click on the view-cube face to get there! I haven't a clue which is the top, bottom, front, left side etc : )
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    This has come up a few times. Insert Point or Axis from Sketch isn't available in Atom.
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    Bugs - where report

    I think this is something that really needs addressing. Presently, you get a reply with a ticket number but that doesn't even include the initial text of the issue you have. So, you have to remember to save that yourself before submitting the request.
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    v28 Bug List

    The dogbone and the fixed collapse/expand tool's new icon have been changed to light blue in the service update. I think it would be good to use the same colour for the active edited Part name too. Thank you for the speedy service update Alibre!
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    v28 Bug List

    Yes, but then it wouldn't be highlighted to distinguish it from the other Parts and the rest of the entries... When I complained about the colour of the dogbone (for aesthetic reasons!), I suggested the same light blue used in Design Explorer or the orange color of the Measure Tool. Dark blue is...
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    v28 Bug List

    In Dark Mode, when a Part is edited within an Assembly, it's name in Design Explorer is highlighted using a dark blue colour which makes the name unreadable... I think we need a different colour for this, as well as for the dogbone....
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    Help with constraints

    Quick and dirty bit of modelling but you get the idea....
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    Help with constraints

    Paul, Could you use a Gear/Pulley Constraint between the push lever pivot and the latch lever pivot? That avoids using a contact Constraint between the push lever and the latch lever. Edit: I tried it out. It seems to work. You could get the ratio right to do the whole range of the movement.
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    Nice Part WorkSpace design

    I'm puzzled by how many people see designs like that as examples of good interfaces. For me, it's a complete mess...