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    GLP issues

    I have a question for all using V27. I use Alibre for reverse engineering and designing items for 3D printing. Because of this, I use GLP to tweek the design. When I dimension from a surface line and that surface moves because of a dimension change, the dimension to that surface line does not...
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    How to activate a sketch

    I found the answer.
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    AddCircle method draws wrong radius

    I found the answer. The default for dimensions passed in is centimeters.
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    AddCircle method draws wrong radius

    When I add a circle using the AddCircle method in IADSketchCircle it draws the circle by Radius/1.269999. For example, I put in Radius=1 and the sketched radius is: 0.7874016. My units are set for inches. If I scale the the radius*1.26999995936, I get the correct radius. Any ideas???/
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    Latest Cap Screw Selector Generator

    I have the latest version of the Cap Screw Selector/Generator completed and am looking for testers. If you would like a copy to test, send me a private message and I will get a setup.exe along with a video that shows how to use it to you.
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    1960 Series Screw Selector

    Obviously this was not ready for primetime. I'll have another link later on. If you want to test this for me, send me a private message and I will provide a link to download.
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    1960 Series Screw Selector

    Here is a video of a screw selector for creating 1960 series cap screws. http://delta-eng.com/video/1960%20Serie ... %20Design/
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    How to activate a sketch

    I have code that starts AlibreX.AutomationHook, gets the Root, creates an empty part. Then, I can get the XY-Plane and AddSketch(nil,'XY-Plane','NewSketch'); This starts a new part called NewPart with a new sketch called "NewSketch" and the NewSketch is highlighted. The variable in my code...
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    Need input

    Please excuse a double posting, but this was posted in Add-On Development and think it was probably put in the wrong place. Watch this and give me your thoughts, please. http://delta-eng.com/video/CapScrew
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    Here is a sample screw selector

    Watch this and give me your thoughts, please. http://delta-eng.com/video/CapScrew
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    Trying to use API first time

    Thanks for the reply and I have done that. I want to create my own and not have to run through another program. I can create the script, but then the user has to start WizoScript to run the script. The API help is not much help. For example, the examples for Visual Basic are for VB 6. I...
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    Trying to use API first time

    I am trying to understand how to use AlibreX to open create a Part with an external program. The examples I see are in C#, C++, Visual Basic and I am using (now don't stop reading) Object Pascal. I have imported the Type library AlibreX and see a bunch of interfaces, I have been able to use...
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    Part, Component, & Shape Libraries

    Lew, Is this library in Workbench? Your URL just took me to GrabCad.
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    Parametric Bolt

    Giov, One thing to keep in mind is the failure mode for your design. For example, if you are designing a transmission shaft where timing depends on angular position, a torsional deformation beyond the yield of the material will cause failure, even though the shaft has not broken. On the other...
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    Body on a surface

    Is it possible to analyze an assembly where one part is running on a surface of the other part? Such as two gear teeth in mesh. I have seen a video where gears are in mesh, but do not see a constraint that will allow that. Another question, is it possible to export a text file of the...
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    Learning Simulate trying to understand Coords

    I am trying to understand the coordinate systems in Simulate. In the attached pdf, I have the properties of coord 16 in the piston.wm3 model. It seems to me that the X, Y, Z position of this coord should be in global coordinates; i.e., from the "fixed" origin. Yet when I change the 10mm...
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    Don't understand constraints

    I have a simple fourbar linkage created in V16 and exported to Dynamics. The pin constraints show up as behind the pins. I don't understand that. If someone would tell me what is going on, I would appreciate it very much. I have attached the exported package from GD the SAT from Dynamics and...
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    Dynamics can't be invoked

    I have had a license to Dynamics for a while and now am trying to learn how to use it. With GD 2014 I created a 4 bar linkage and was able to bring it into Dynamics. I then (foolishly) loaded 17 beta and the latest version of Dynamics (?) and now cannot get Dynamics to run. I get the error...
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    V17 want to return to V16

    Nope, didn't know that. Was there a warning I missed?
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    V17 want to return to V16

    I upgraded to V17 knowing it was a beta, opened some of my files and what to go back to a more stable version. The files I opened and saved, are not backward compatible. Is there anyway to go back?