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  1. idslk

    Release CopySketch V0.5

    Hello Colleagues, here a script for copying sketches automatically to new sketches, existing planes, or automatically create ones during copy, coping n-times.... For sketches with sybols or text you might use Nates script in front... (was made with V23, but should runf with V24 as well...)...
  2. idslk

    Script Pre Release: Length of chosen 3D-sketch

    Hello colleagues, this is a pre release of a skript that allows you to get the length of a 3D-sketch. This release is limited to lines and circular-arcs. testing was very limited... only on a german installation. Here are some pictures (using a design file from THIS POST) choose your units...
  3. idslk

    Script Pre Release: Assign_Material_to_Assembly_Parts_015a

    Hello colleagues, i've updated the script from THIS_TREAD to run with V22 and the new material definition... The density display has to be tested with other language installations, which can't be done by me... Comments are welcome...specially due to first script for V22;) And as ever: Use the...
  4. idslk

    Script Release: Update Table_to_3DPoints_forum_V03

    Edit: Update to V03: # V03 does no longer create copies of points, instead it changes their coordinate values # the ee-parameter get the name of the point and an extension for the axis # table cells now can also contain formulas Hello colleagues, if you have a table like that: and you want...
  5. idslk

    Script prerelease - CoG-Point Update V03

    Edit: Update to V03 renames the original point names in EE and adds a date to the CoG point to show when it was created Hello colleagues, this script uses the physical properties to generate 3 variables in the Equation Editor and an 3D-point in the design to represent the center of gravity for...
  6. idslk

    Script Release - Open a glp-file window

    Hello colleagues, this script opens the GLP-Parameter window from the design were the script was started. You don't have to know the name or location of the GLP-File, this will be done by the script automatically. Best you copy the protected script into your default script folder. If you havent...
  7. idslk

    Spring with one tapered section

    Hello Colleagues, i've been asked some days ago by somebody how to make a spring with a tapered section on one end. The dimensions are regardsless. It should have an outer diameter from 6 mm, a wire of 1mm and a height of the cylindrical part of 25,5 mm for 14 revolutions. Starting at the one...
  8. idslk

    WizoGrid is "gone" with V21...

    Will be updated to work with V21? Regards Stefan
  9. idslk

    File Properties Vendor

    Hello colleagues, i've been asked about how to write a Vendor name from an script integrated list into the file properties. I decided, that this would maybe from interest for "others" too. So here a little script (with some additional checks) which does this job. For your own Vendors...
  10. idslk

    2D sketching in part

    Hello to the AlibreTeam, is there a reason why there is no value entering near to the cursor while sketching an ellipse, elliptical arc, rectangle or polygon? If not, will it be possible in the future (maybe v21)? Regards Stefan
  11. idslk

    Property Data

    Update see: Post#41 Hello colleagues, here is a short demo of what i've been waiting for... With 2019 SP2 it works... Here is a little quick and dirty script to read a *.xlsx file and write the data into your actual session property datas... The *.xlsx file has to have one sheet with the...
  12. idslk


    Hello Colleagues, this script makes rectngular holes in rectangular faces :-) Due to the missing pattern function in AlibreScript it makes it with calculated sketches - this takes some time the more holes your going to create... I have set a warning if the number of holes gets greater than...
  13. idslk

    Publish to 3D-PDF - Resolved

    Hello colleagues, am i doing something wrong? 1) Publish to 3D-PDF: 2) Preview in reader (or publish, doesn't make a difference): 3) activate 3D in reader: Hm? I've tried it with a few more different assemblies including a demo part from the alibre website: same result. That looks not...
  14. idslk

    Assembly Constraints Slider Test

    Hello Colleagues, a little video from a test of manipulating constraints in an assembly. Regards Stefan
  15. idslk

    behaviour of SaveSnapshot and SaveThumbnail

    Hello colleagues, it is intended that: - SaveSnapshot() only saves if UseAspectRatio or UseWidthandHeight are True and saving only with Width and Height (and ,False,False) does not work? - SaveThumbnail() saves everytime a square thumb using the bigger value of width and height? Regards Stefan
  16. idslk

    Standard symbols on a drawing

    Hello colleagues, how do you put in the "standard" symbols on a drawing for example like Do you insert it on the drawing template, on the sheet or in a view, how do you draw the edge, how do you position the symbol to the edge... Can you please describe the "best" workflow. Regards Stefan
  17. idslk

    convert to sheetmetal

    Hello colleagues, i wanted to convert a 3D-Part into a sheetmetal part. Not been able to... I've appended here a not so complex part as mine, but it behaves nearly the same - it won't be "automaticaly" converted. Of course this part could be done in sheetmetal without the cuts and puting them...
  18. idslk

    How to set a ReferenceSketchPoint?

    Hello Colleagues, as long as i use 'False' it creates a Point..., if i set the value to 'True' it spits a failure message at me. Any ideas? Regards Stefan
  19. idslk

    Could anyone give advice with using AttachToExcel

    Hello Colleagues, Is anyone out there, who knows how to use this function? If i use ParameterTypes.Distance i get: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040310): Invalid length unit given for distance parameter If i use ParameterUnits.Centimeters i get...
  20. idslk

    New Script - Colorize

    Hello colleagues, I've made a little script called "Colorize". Triggered from this Thread and the idea of @simonb65 . Colorize-Script can set part-colors in an assembly or in a part. It can not change feature colors (it's V0.1...) It makes sense to Change the color properties of the...