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  1. NateLiqGrav

    video cards

    You can find a GeForce GTX 1050 TI available for around $200 and performance wise they appear to be about 10x better than what you have. Just make sure to get one that fits your motherboard and case.
  2. NateLiqGrav

    video cards

    It looks like an Intel 4600 is a basic integrated GPU (meaning it uses a share of your RAM instead of it's own dedicated VRAM). It's beaten by lots of GPU cards. Intel HD 4600 - Price performance comparison - Video Card Benchmarks
  3. NateLiqGrav

    I hate the hole tool.

    I made a script to isolate back in 2019: https://www.alibre.com/forum/index.php?threads/script-release-isolate-v4.21245/
  4. NateLiqGrav

    Poll: PDF of Help?

    No offence to those asking questions in the forum, but I can tell by the questions that often come up that a lot of new users jump in with no CAD training or at least no parametric CAD experience. Therefore instead of the current help converted 1:1 (or nearly) into PDF - I think a book (with...
  5. NateLiqGrav

    Importing BOM into exploded views with call outs

  6. NateLiqGrav

    Back after many, many years...

    This is the training site for modern versions. https://www.alibre.com/training/ There are step by step tutorials there, but I'm not sure how much applies to that old of a version. Did you even get a version from the 90's to run?
  7. NateLiqGrav

    Drawing with visible dimensions.

    I think you were getting confused. Only Design Dimensions let you change the model from the 2d drawing.
  8. NateLiqGrav

    Script development and testing

    Not to my knowledge. I close the script in Alibre Script. Then edit externally and save. Then open in Alibre Script again and run.
  9. NateLiqGrav

    Sectioned Isometric Assembly View

    You will need to add an assembly level cut extrusion feature. https://help.alibre.com/articles/alibre-help-v24/assemblies-assembly-features-cut-extrusions
  10. NateLiqGrav

    Loft Circle to Ellipse - Sketch with Multiple Loops is not supported for lofts

    If you are trying to make a "tube" you will have to do it in two operations. One to make the solid and one to cut the inside away.
  11. NateLiqGrav

    Need advice on creating planetary gear

    Boxes.py - a site for generating laser cut patterns of various projects - was suggested for porting into AlibreScript (probably too difficult) but it does export formats that Alibre Design can import. Below are two generators for Planetary gears...
  12. NateLiqGrav

    How could I change the configuration a drawing view is based on?

    @HaroldL Imagine if you could fully dimension one configuration on one drawing sheet then save as the drawing (or copy the sheet) and then simply change the configurations for the associated views (with reprojected views happening automatically) and then dimension the changes and fix the title...
  13. NateLiqGrav

    Version 25 - Features Announced via Facebook

    I'm looking forward to the enhanced snaps!
  14. NateLiqGrav

    Feature Request > Delete Feature and Sketch

    I propose holding Alt and Right Clicking could open a bigger menu with more options.
  15. NateLiqGrav

    Red Lines on my Part

    Those look like the sketches. You can toggle them on/off. https://help.alibre.com/articles/alibre-help-v24/workspace-preferences-showing-or-hiding-sketches
  16. NateLiqGrav

    Can't select axis/plane in an OptionsDialog in assembly view

    With the Alibre Script Windows functions the user can select the axis of a part in the assembly, but not the axis of the assembly (or a subassembly) . Simply right click the parts and select "Show Reference Geometry" to be able to select the part's axis. If you need to find if the user selected...
  17. NateLiqGrav

    Can't select axis/plane in an OptionsDialog in assembly view

    OK, Stefan is right and I had forgot. You can't select ANY reference geometry from ANY assemblies using the default Win functions. That is a current limitation of Alibre Script.
  18. NateLiqGrav

    Can't select axis/plane in an OptionsDialog in assembly view

    Run this: print(AlibreScriptVersion) You might also want to check your Selection Filters. https://help.alibre.com/articles/alibre-help-v24/product-fundamentals-selecting-selection-filters
  19. NateLiqGrav

    Can't select axis/plane in an OptionsDialog in assembly view

    There are many different versions of Alibre Design and Alibre Script. What versions are you on?
  20. NateLiqGrav

    Where is this info stored?