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  1. DavidJ

    File path ?

    My Python manuals tell me that if file name is used, it is assumed to be in the same folder as the current Python program. If I try that in Alibre Script (saving my text file in the Alibre Script Library along with the Script), I get complaint that the file can't be found in C:\Program...
  2. DavidJ

    Set Material ?

    I'm not even sure if this is possible, nor how it may be affected by the new materials library in v22.... Has anyone used Script to set the material for a part? If so could you share how it was done?
  3. DavidJ

    User Interaction & Dialogues

    I've successfully written a small number of quite basic scripts, starting by adapting sections from the existing scripts of others. On my last script I managed to use a 'Win.UtilityDialog' successfully - I now want to extend the functionality, and I haven't found a usage of Win dialogs that I...
  4. DavidJ

    WizoGrid for AD v21 ?

    Andy - is there an intention to fix WizoGrid to work with AD v21 ?
  5. DavidJ

    Some basic questions...

    Investigating a need to set property value for a design, I initially could only set those that appear in the 'General' window. From Scripts posted by IDSLK (Stefan), I saw that it is possible to set the 'Part Data' properties - though I was struggling to follow the scripts. I've taken Stefan's...
  6. DavidJ

    CAUTION - Printing 2D drawing to PDF

    Just a heads up - found after analysing a reported issue. If you use Microsoft's 'Print to PDF' take care if you print 2D drawings to the same folder as your source files - it is all too easy to select an existing file name in the folder - this will be overwritten by the PDF, BUT the file...
  7. DavidJ

    Automated attack on Support

    A little earlier today the Helpdesk system was flooded by a couple of thousand or so tickets in a very short period. Hopefully this has been contained. A large number of e-mail addresses had to be blocked to stop the number of fake tickets escalating - hopefully only fake addresses used by...
  8. DavidJ

    Errors after update to Keyshot 7.3.37

    Already reported in threads relating to Alibre 2018 update, that users are seeing errors reported in Keyshot after the offered update to version 7.3.37 I contacted Luxion support and promptly had this response. Thank you for contacting Luxion Support. This is a known issue. It will not cause...
  9. DavidJ

    Problem with BoM re-ordering; are others seeing this?

    A user has reported that it is impossible to drag BoM lines up and down the table (with mouse) to change the order. The files sent to support behave normally (can drag rows) when tested. Are other users seeing similar problems? If you can't drag rows in the BoM, please advise which operating...
  10. DavidJ

    Error when starting Alibre Design

    A user reported that though Alibre installs OK and will run if triggered from the installer - any subsequent attempt to run it results in the attached error message. Has anyone else come across this, and more importantly has anyone manage to fix this? Win7 Pro Avast anti virus (has tried with...
  11. DavidJ

    Poor computer performance (local or over network)

    Have you noticed generally sluggish performance from your Windows PC, or maybe when accessing files on a Windows server ?? I've recently had to deal with a friend's Win7 laptop which became painfully slow, and then accessing my own Windows server (server 2003) over the network became very...
  12. DavidJ

    Barcodes in 2D drawings ??

    When looking at features in another CAD package, I noticed the ability to include barcodes in 2D drawings (though there was no detail given on if these were manually entered, or driven from (say) drawing number). Do you see this as something that Geomagic should offer in the future ? Rather...
  13. DavidJ

    Excel Add-in problem

    I've previously successfully used Excel add-in on this computer. Now the tool doesn't show up on Add-ins bar. When I check the Add-ins settings (Excel 2013 on Windows 10), the Geomagic Parameters add-in is listed as Inactive. No matter how many times I tick the box it does not stick, so I...
  14. DavidJ

    Options settings slow to populate

    I've been finding the options display slow to populate for a long time now - not really sure if it commenced with a particular build of GD. The dialogue displays as shown for about 5 or 6 seconds before the blank spaces are filled. It isn't a big problem, just an annoyance from time to time...
  15. DavidJ

    Location of 3D printer profiles for Geomagic Design ??

    I thought that somebody had posted the directory location for the 3D printer profiles that GD uses - so you could maybe add your own for non-3DS printers. I've tried the search and advanced search but can't locate the relevant post. Was I dreaming? I'd be grateful if anyone could point me to...
  16. DavidJ

    In light of recent posts

    I am told that here are people inside Geomagic / 3DS who believe this forum should not exist. If the forum were to disappear I believe that would be a very sad day for users, and ultimately for the Geomagic Design product. I believe that an honest and realistic discussion of the product...
  17. DavidJ

    Autodesk Spark & Printer

    I just stumbled on a few articles around the net re this recent announcement from Autodesk. No concrete detail yet, but it will it looks like it could open up interesting options. Looks like a DLP / photopolymer printer that won't be horrendously expensive.
  18. DavidJ

    M-Files 10 now available for Geomagic

    Those of you that have been waiting for M-Files 10 for GMD may know the standard M-Files 10 has been out for a while. On the new download facility for GMD v16, Vault is based on M-Files 10 - it is actually a newer build than is available to date on M-Files own web site. It successfully...
  19. DavidJ

    v16 extra Trial Activation

    I've been speaking with Geomagic after some confusion at our customers re the extra 'Trial' activation showing after users switch to v16. I'm told that everyone has been given a 15 day trial which will run everything (including Dynamics/Simulate, configurations, direct edit - the works). This...
  20. DavidJ

    VisualCAM for Geomagic

    Mecosft have released VisualCAM for Geomagic - this is the update to what was previously AlibreCAM. http://visualcamforgeomagic.com/