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  1. Cator

    Sketch Question

    Hi everyone, When I draw a sketch, for example a rectangle, by pressing TAB I can automatically set the dimensions. Good, great. But if AFTER pressing tab I try to write a parameter, this is not taken as text but as a shortcut and therefore depending on the letter the selected tool starts. Is...
  2. D

    Polygon over 24 sides hangs = must kill Alibre in TaskMngr

    Alibre Design Expert V27 WIN 10, DirectX 12 9th gen Intel Core 5 i5-9400F Processor (2b) 64bit/(32bit) - 2.90GHz Chip type: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti full hardware specs attached... All optimizations per the instructions on the Alibre website Performance section. System was mostly already set...
  3. G

    Using Master Sketches in Assemblies

    I'm still pretty new to Alibre Design. How do I create a master sketch that can be used as the main/only reference for several parts in an assembly? I've been trying to figure out the best practices for using inter design relationships with mixed results. I figured having one reference for...
  4. B

    Drawing line with real time dimensioning [TAB key hit behavior]

    Hello Everyone, I am new to Alibre so maybe I am missing something. I have 2 installations of Allibre. One is originally v24 upgraded automatically to 26, the second one is a fresh v26 install. I have a question regarding real time dimensioning while drawing a line. On the upgraded verions...
  5. M

    How to show sketch constraint icons

    I can't see the constraint icons in my sketch. The constraints are there, I just can't see them. How can I display them? Atom3D V24. Thanks.
  6. D

    2D Sketch Analysis: for me, error indicators are now very difficult to find.

    On the new 2017.1 version, I notice that the sketch closure analysis that happens whenever you close a 2D sketch produces error indicators that are very difficult for me to see. The indicators were always a bit difficult for me; little red backgrounds showing where the error was, but they've...