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  1. Jhaddan

    Save & Store Custom Colors?

    Inside the Color Properties window. Once you create a color pallet, is there a way to store these colors so they show up every time you create a part? I like to use particular colors, and color pallets to keep the assembly harmonized especially when showing executives via quick presentations...
  2. S

    Expand Plane wireframes

    I'm a newbie. During Intro to Sheet Metal Design (page 22), of the YZ plane, the Z axis is 20 times wider than the actual Tab-Sketch I created in my Sheet Metal Part. I included a picture of the part displayed in the designer. The added arrows show the direction I want to pull the plane. Now...
  3. L

    Can You Apply Images and Graphics to 3D Parts and Drawings?

    I am looking to add graphics on a few of my 3D parts to located and display where I would like some laser etching done. Is it possible to import an image and add it to a surface of a 3D part?