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  1. silver2row

    Walk-Through This! (SOLVED and Nice TRAINING)/Thank you

    Hey, I see there is a new email in the box! https://www.alibre.com/atom3d-training/ is just one of the many ideas now available. Thank you. Seth
  2. SINGH LP STAND.66.png

    SINGH LP STAND.66.png

  3. SINGH LP STAND.63.png

    SINGH LP STAND.63.png

  4. SINGH LP STAND.58.png

    SINGH LP STAND.58.png



    Laptop stand
  6. Old Geeser

    3 printing - 2 color

    I have a dual print head 3d printer. Does anyone know how to create the 2 files needed. For instance, if you just wanted to print your name in a 3" square. I can create the square and put the text .04 deep into it with a extrude/cut command. But now how do I create the second file of just the...
  7. Assembly.png


    This is a Soldering Fume Extractor I designed for 3D printing. It is available for free download with BOM & Instructions on PDF. Look at Printables.com, under same user name.
  8. jasonmburns

    Physical Threads for Additive Manufacturing

    Since we are now able to 3D Print very strong and high precision parts using technologies such as SLA resin printing and SLS nylon powder printing, isn't it time that Alibre add the option for physical threads in the hole tool like many other modern 3D CAD programs? I know there are ways to...
  9. beastro


    Hi, Apparently, there is a tool in Fusion360 to split an object into two using a "cutting tool". I attach the image of a friend who is using this to make joints for 3d prints. Short of using a boolean subtract, which would leave you with two half pieces of the same part that cannot be easily...
  10. randyshoemaker

    Supplier of 3D Filament...

    I am looking for a few supplies of 3D printing filament, had been using Maker Geek, just found out recently they are gone.
  11. S

    Making 3D printable threads

    Is there a tool that will allow me to create 3D printable threads? I know the thread tool only does cosmetic threads, but I want to create threaded holes and nuts. I know I can't print fine threads, but I should be able to print course ones. My old architectural CAD program (Vectorworks) has...