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3d printing

  1. beastro


    Hi, Apparently, there is a tool in Fusion360 to split an object into two using a "cutting tool". I attach the image of a friend who is using this to make joints for 3d prints. Short of using a boolean subtract, which would leave you with two half pieces of the same part that cannot be easily...
  2. randyshoemaker

    Supplier of 3D Filament...

    I am looking for a few supplies of 3D printing filament, had been using Maker Geek, just found out recently they are gone.
  3. S

    Making 3D printable threads

    Is there a tool that will allow me to create 3D printable threads? I know the thread tool only does cosmetic threads, but I want to create threaded holes and nuts. I know I can't print fine threads, but I should be able to print course ones. My old architectural CAD program (Vectorworks) has...