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  1. Pneumatic Cylinder.2.png

    Pneumatic Cylinder.2.png

    An assembly I did to showcase workflows in 3D sketching in Alibre. I've also done a video about it and this is the pic I used to make the thumbnail.
  2. C

    Where has 3D sketching gone?

    Alibre Atom, recent update
  3. 5

    extrude cutting a 3d sketch

    So I have a part that I managed to get the surface correctly lofted but I now need to build a pocket inside of it. I want to make the first step of the pocket inset .250" and then it gets lofted to a flat bottom (sketch 11). How do I go about getting the first step? I have created a 3d sketch...
  4. simonb65

    3D Sketch Planes

    Is there any way to automatically select the correct sketch plane (i. Lock depth movement) when selecting Front, Back, Top, etc views? Also, when rotating around a model, is it possible to just move nodes, etc in the plane of the screen view, i.e. lock the depth vector? I'm finding wiring and...