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  1. bolsover

    Shortcuts Add-On V3.1 - Not Maintained Release V3.1

    The functionality of this Add-on has been migrated to The Utilities For Alibre Add-on. This project is no longer maintained. Version 3.1 Updated shortcuts view to include Alibre Icon in tables. Version 3.0 This version adds the Alibre icons as an overlay on the buttons and the ability to...
  2. E

    C# Add on Development - Long Loading Time Accessing Part Properties (V26)

    Hi there Alibre users, I've just finished creating an Excel Add-on that creates a Bill of Materials from the currently opened Alibre Assembly built in C#. (We needed a customized solution, and the built-in Alibre BoM generator didn't have what we needed). The Add-on itself works just fine with...
  3. D

    Add-on development using C#

    Hello everyone I've been trying to develop an Add-on for Alibre Design using C#. My goal ist to develop an add-on which can start a wpf.net window which can access certain Alibre session attributes(filename, filepath, ...). Since I'm not very experienced using the Alibre API, I've read the...
  4. bolsover

    Export and Open .stl files 2022-11-08

    Add-on for V25 and above. Adds a menu item that prompts user to save exported .stl file which is then opened using the default editor for .stl files. See Github repository for latest version.