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  1. Cator


    Hello everybody, turning on the net I found this opensource program for the choice of colors. is available on this site https://www.claudio-gucchierato.info/ .... is it possible to add it to the Alibre addons ?? If so, how to do it ?? Thanks Francesco
  2. A

    Wizard to Create c++ and/or C# addon skeleton?

    Hi, 1. Is there a wizard to create C++ and/or C# addon skeleton? Rhino3D sdk provides such wizard where one can choose it from Visual Studio New Project Wizard List. 2. If such wizard is not available, what is the best way to start developing addon with Alibre? 3. Is is necessary for...
  3. D

    Global parameters and excel add-in improvement?

    Ok been using global parameters, but have seen the limitations, and now pretty much I have to move to using excel add in, which is really great, but right of the bat I noticed what could be improved, I am sure many would agree, I believe this is simple addon/enhancement Global parameters add...
  4. ruesve

    Implement Software into Alibre

    Hello everybody, I'm about to implement a software into alibre that i have a button in the ribbon-bar. I looked at the addon's folder, and checked another addon wich was already installed. I created the shortcut to the software, the ADC-File, the ICO-File and a dll. but i don't know what have...