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  1. E

    Possible Bug With Assembly Constraints?

    OR Possible Misuse? I have a few issues I'm seeing with constraining parts in an assembly using the part "reference geometry" in order of importance IMHO. 1) If I constrain parts using their internal reference geometry ( as opposed to using actual part geometry ) when I close and reopen the...
  2. Brandon_Velmex

    Editing a Part in an Assembly

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to change the length of a part in my assembly. I would like to steer clear of configurations, because I need the part to be able to be any length. Currently I have the length linked to a global parameter, which I am able to change in a script, but the length will not...
  3. Brandon_Velmex

    Script Language for Selecting and Editing Configurations

    I am trying to write a script which will build a proper assembly out of existing configurations once the menus are all complete. However, all the existing tutorials are based around building a new configuration, or a new assembly. My question is: what are the specific Python script commands for...
  4. Brandon_Velmex

    Global Parameter for Part Suppression?

    I have an assembly which I am controlling with a global parameter file. The assembly is somewhat complicated in that there are about a dozen or more different add-ons that can be added, like different adaptor plates, handles, and extra parts, etc. Is there a way to use the global parameter file...
  5. T

    display thread not completely

    Hello, I've only been using alibre recently. I still have a problem with the representation of threads in assemblies. If a part (e.g. screw) is partially covered, the thread is still displayed completely. Can anyone tell me what I need to adjust to change this? So that only the thread is shown...
  6. E

    How do I align a tube to a spoked wheel?

    Hello! I am trying to constrain a pulley to a spoked wheel in an assembly. The problem is that the spokes are not in plane--they are conical/dished. I need the inside edge of the pulley to rest on the outside of each spoke. When the spokes are in plane, I accomplish this with a tangent...
  7. D

    give parts or assemblies a pseudo name, label or category for constraints auto name purpose

    give parts or assemblies a pseudo name, label or category for constraints auto name purpose (possibly use part data either "standard properties" or "custom properties" fields or create new field) The field should be overridable based on hierarchy, and is a unique ID field, so you can give the...
  8. Rouge484

    Isolating Parts in Assembly

    I am new to Alibre. I am an Solidworks user at work and I am wondering if Alibre has a similar feature. When working with Assemblies in Solidworks, I can select parts in the assembly and then Isolate them. When this happens it only shows the parts I selected. Does Alibre have the same function...
  9. C


    I get lots of assemblies sent to me as step files etc. Most have lots of parts. Is there a quick way to "freeze" the assembly without constraining the parts one by one? Pieces often get displaced if I try to drag the assembly around.