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  1. B

    Assemblies, Sub-assemblies, and Constraints

    Hi, I have a relatively complex assembly (at least for me) that has a number of moving pieces that took quite a while for me to get to behave as intended. I would like to create a larger assembly made up of multiple instances of the aforementioned assembly, and have the associated constraints...
  2. B

    URDF / XACRO from Assembly

    Hi folks, Preamble: I'm into robotics, and I'm getting to the point where I want to convert my assembly to URDF/XACRO + STL to load into PyBullet. I'm aware that ROS has a means of doing so that involves Gazebo, but it's quite cumbersome for my purposes, and I don't want to set up a massive...
  3. B

    2D drawing using an existing assembly as a guide

    Hi, I'm very new to Alibre. If I want to make a 2d drawing using an externally created assembly as a guide, what are my options? Ideally, I would be able to import the assembly, design around it, and then delete it, leaving only the part. I know that it's possible to use assembly boolean...
  4. Jhaddan

    Save & Store Custom Colors?

    Inside the Color Properties window. Once you create a color pallet, is there a way to store these colors so they show up every time you create a part? I like to use particular colors, and color pallets to keep the assembly harmonized especially when showing executives via quick presentations...
  5. K

    Help needed - Calculating internal volume of a speaker cabinet

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to Alibre - coming from Fusion360 and I'm trying to understand the right way to calculate the internal volume of a speaker cabinet. In Fusion, I would use their create a body feature using extruded parts, reference planes, and surfaces to generate a 3D volume of the...
  6. K

    Merge parts into new subsassembly

    Hi, I got an assembly containing about 50 parts. Is there an easy way to make a subassembly with some of those parts? They are currently all mated into one big assembly - need to make make some smaller assemblies now.
  7. U

    Tracing range of motion

    I am just starting out and would like to be able to trace the range of motion onto a surface so I can extrude it. For example, if I have a pantagraph and a large shape that I want to reduce. Is there a way I can trace the range of motion around the larger object and map that onto a sketch at...
  8. Brandon_Velmex

    Global Parameter for Part Suppression?

    I have an assembly which I am controlling with a global parameter file. The assembly is somewhat complicated in that there are about a dozen or more different add-ons that can be added, like different adaptor plates, handles, and extra parts, etc. Is there a way to use the global parameter file...
  9. jordanyte

    How to get assembly aligned back to workspace axes ??? - RESOLVED

    I have an INFURIATING problem. Sometimes after constraining a bunch of simple rectangular extruded parts into a box, the whole thing has gone out of alignment with the workspace axes. See the "measure" screenshot - that whole rear panel is perfectly constrained to all the other components but...
  10. Mika

    Sheet 2 of 3 - Cutlist

    Hi. If I'll make my weldment structure assy drawing in a sheet 1 of 3 and want to make 2 of 3 as "cutlist". What is the best way to bring those assembly parts on that sheet separately from the assembly? Putting those as a new views from partfiles, will change my drawing sheet name, so that is...
  11. E

    How do I select all visible parts in an assembly?

    I have an assembly with a lot of parts and I need to select all the visible parts and delete them. Pressing Ctrl-A selects all the parts, including the hidden ones. Is there an easier way to do this than de-selecting each hidden part individually in the design explorer? Thank you
  12. jaysinn

    Hint on editing parts in an Assembly

    I had an Assembly where I created a New part within the Assembly, and even edited the part to some extent. Then I closed the Assembly window and further edited the part in a normal Part editing window. When I went back to the Assembly, the edited part wouldn't always behave like I wanted it to...
  13. R

    selecting by name

    Hello everybody! I would like to select individual parts of an assembly and their subassemblies after certain name filters. AD Does not offer this possibility. Since I'm not familiar with programming or anything like that, my question: Would the task be solved by WizoScript? Thanks for your...