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  1. jhuff

    Detail View in Atom3D

    Hello - I'm having trouble figuring out how to create a detail view in a mechanical drawing in Atom3D. The tool shows that a Standard View must be created before a Section, Detail, or Broken view. I have been able to create Section and Broken views, but cannot figure out how to create a...
  2. jasonmburns

    3DConnexion SpaceMouse and CadMouse in Atom3D

    While I am in Alibre Atom3D, if I try to edit the SpaceMouse settings which normally detects the software you are in while you are using it and allows you to customize settings exclusively/individually for the software you are using, the software settings are displayed for Windows Explorer...
  3. S

    Sketch Rotation

    Newbie using Atom3D. In sketch mode I have drawn an object using several primitives (circle and rectangle). Then I realize I want to orient it up rather than sideways (i.e. rotated 90 degrees). Is there any way to do this in Atom3D other than redrawing the entire object?
  4. I

    Atom 3D Using Laptop Trackpad

    I am enjoying this forum. I am using Atom 3D 6 months Free Licence through cnccookbook website. I tried Freecad before looking at Alibre. Found the Freecad learning curve very steep, unintuitive interface and the tutorials badly written. So far have found the interface much easier and the...
  5. Neil Wyatt

    Introducing Myself

    Hi all, I'm Neil Wyatt, editor of Model Engineers' Workshop magazine. We're going to run a tutorial series for Atom3D with support from Alibre and Mintronics. As part of this I'm finding my own way around Atom3D, moving across from TurboCAD Deluxe. After a bit of a slow start, I'm getting the...