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  1. K

    Locate Part in Assembly that BOM references

    Good day, I looking for functionality with scripts (either AlibreX or AlibreScript) that, given a particular assembly's exported BOM (.csv), you can access and read each part of an assembly by reading the rows of the BOM. For example, if I've rearranged my BOM and read the first line on its...
  2. L

    BOM Updating

    Has anyone had any issues with their BOM updating/syncing with the 3-D model? It takes having me restart the software for it to update.
  3. M00m137

    showing bulk items in a BoM

    Presumably this is not best practice, otherwise it would be easy, but I'd like to include bulk items (glue, paint, etc.) in the BoM. I've tried putting it into the model as an empty assembly (i.e. there is an empty sub-assembly in the model called "loctite sdfkljjlk", with the appropriate...
  4. OrjanB

    Item and callout when mirroring

    I have made an assembly were som parts are placed by mirroring existing parts. The assembly is OK and no problems occured. Then I made a drawing of the assembly. Dimensioning works OK. But when I make BOM and callouts strange behaviour occurs: The mirrored parts gets one itemnumber, while the...
  5. R

    BOM - How to display weight in lbs instead of kg

    Hi. Anyone know how to configure a BOM to display part weight in lbs instead of kg? I can easily set up each individual part to show weight in lbm. However, I can find no configuration options to force the BOM to show lbm - it seems to default to kg. Also, while I'm asking, is there a way to...
  6. A

    Titles for Bill of Materials

    Gidday everyone, hopefully someone can help me out with this little challenge I use Alibre every day in a sheet metal manufacturing business, we have lots of assemblies and, subsequently, lots of bills of materials. The issue is that the BOM that Alibre spits out has no title block or...
  7. Lew_Merrick

    BOM versus Parts List

    A Bill of Materials was created for Architecture. It is concerned with ensuring that the correct number of sized lumber, sheets of plywood. and the like are delivered to a construction site. The Parts List was developed to support manufacturing during WWII. It is much more detailed and is...