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  1. Ex Machina

    How to calculate the inner volume of a container precisely.

    In this video, you will see the method we use to calculate the volume of a vial, vase, tank or any other type of container. Using this method in Alibre, you will get a separate file with the shape of the volume of the container, for which you can then calculate the physical properties and get an...
  2. Ex Machina

    How to fill an area with a honeycomb pattern

    After Harold made the comment in the thread on how to create an area fill pattern with an equation, I tried to develop a way to fill an area with a honeycomb pattern. In the end, I developed 2. Both are with some assumptions made. Take a look at the video and let me know what you think. Also...
  3. Ex Machina

    How to dynamically create 3D formed threads for 3D printing and control the tolerances.

    So, this is the video I shared in another thread here on the forums. I'm reposting it here so it is easier to find. It's about creating a "custom tool" to make 3D threads quickly and easily using the Dynamic Parts Library of Alibre. In his video, you will see how to design, make into a dynamic...
  4. K

    Help needed - Calculating internal volume of a speaker cabinet

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to Alibre - coming from Fusion360 and I'm trying to understand the right way to calculate the internal volume of a speaker cabinet. In Fusion, I would use their create a body feature using extruded parts, reference planes, and surfaces to generate a 3D volume of the...
  5. beastro


    Hi, Apparently, there is a tool in Fusion360 to split an object into two using a "cutting tool". I attach the image of a friend who is using this to make joints for 3d prints. Short of using a boolean subtract, which would leave you with two half pieces of the same part that cannot be easily...
  6. Stuart

    Boolean Subtract and Woodworking

    I'm trying to find the best workflow for woodworking projects that involve several stages of gluing, cutting/trimming. I design the raw pieces and "glue" them together in an assembly I create the cut/trimmed shape of the glue assembly I create a boolean of the glued assembly (blank) and the...
  7. S

    Trying to align (boolean unite) to a plane

    I have created two parts, each with a specific reference plane. I am trying to do a boolean unite and align these two objects with each objects specific reference plane. Unfortunately, the reference planes do not appear when I do the boolean unite. Is there any way to make reference planes in...