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  1. B

    Assemblies, Sub-assemblies, and Constraints

    Hi, I have a relatively complex assembly (at least for me) that has a number of moving pieces that took quite a while for me to get to behave as intended. I would like to create a larger assembly made up of multiple instances of the aforementioned assembly, and have the associated constraints...
  2. M

    How to show sketch constraint icons

    I can't see the constraint icons in my sketch. The constraints are there, I just can't see them. How can I display them? Atom3D V24. Thanks.
  3. M

    locating holes on reference geometry

    I need to create three holes in this very simple adapter. I find myself at odds with the Alibre workflow - I have to be missing something obvious. This part will be 3D printed. For some reason, I can't get the holes located where I need them - on the corners, concentric with the curve of the...
  4. E

    Possible Bug With Assembly Constraints?

    OR Possible Misuse? I have a few issues I'm seeing with constraining parts in an assembly using the part "reference geometry" in order of importance IMHO. 1) If I constrain parts using their internal reference geometry ( as opposed to using actual part geometry ) when I close and reopen the...
  5. S

    Constraints incorrectly reporting "Over constrained"

    I have a hinge assembly that is constrained properly, and operates correctly. I insert multiple copies of this hinge into a larger assembly consisting of two boards and four hinges. In this higher-level assembly, the hinges are set to "make flexible", and "Minimum Motion" is turned off. One...
  6. E

    How do I align a tube to a spoked wheel?

    Hello! I am trying to constrain a pulley to a spoked wheel in an assembly. The problem is that the spokes are not in plane--they are conical/dished. I need the inside edge of the pulley to rest on the outside of each spoke. When the spokes are in plane, I accomplish this with a tangent...
  7. D

    give parts or assemblies a pseudo name, label or category for constraints auto name purpose

    give parts or assemblies a pseudo name, label or category for constraints auto name purpose (possibly use part data either "standard properties" or "custom properties" fields or create new field) The field should be overridable based on hierarchy, and is a unique ID field, so you can give the...
  8. B

    What happened to constraints?

    Ok, since the move to 2018, I am having a miserable time with constraints. I included a straight forward drawing. There are 6 circles of fixed diameter and fixed centers. I am trying to take the smaller free circle and make it tangent to two of the larger fixed circles. I used to do this all the...
  9. C


    I get lots of assemblies sent to me as step files etc. Most have lots of parts. Is there a quick way to "freeze" the assembly without constraining the parts one by one? Pieces often get displaced if I try to drag the assembly around.
  10. jaysinn

    Hint on editing parts in an Assembly

    I had an Assembly where I created a New part within the Assembly, and even edited the part to some extent. Then I closed the Assembly window and further edited the part in a normal Part editing window. When I went back to the Assembly, the edited part wouldn't always behave like I wanted it to...
  11. Lew_Merrick

    Needed Devlopments in Constraints

    There are a couple of discussions going on that revolve around needed improvement in the system of Constraints that Alibre needs. Let's channel them into one "top[ic."
  12. iwanttoslot

    over constrained circles and lines

    I don't understand why i cant make the three lines be tangentially constrained to the closest circles. Where the heck have i over constrained this. Pulling my hair out. Even if i just draw two circles anywhere and try to constrain them in any way i get an over constrained error. am going to...
  13. M

    Coradial circles

    It it a bug or is there a deeper meaning to me being unable to have two circles or curves being co-radial (having the same radius but not position) but allowing them to be equal (having the same radius but not position)? Shouldn't these two constrint-types behave the same for circles?