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  1. D

    Centering text attached to dimensions

    Based on a quick search, I get the impression this feature isn't available, but in case I'm missing something... If I attach text under a dimension on a vertical dimension, the text is left-aligned with the dimension text. Is there a way to center it and make the dimension prettier? (I'm using...
  2. M00m137

    How to get rid of trailing lines on dimensions

    Hi all, This is probably stupidly simple, but I can't find it. I've got my dimension text sitting on top of my dimension arrows (text placement: Parallel Above), and it seems like the line lengths do not behave as I would expect. My main concern right now is I get weird trailing lines when I...
  3. sbeamers

    Alibre Atom3D Change units

    Could not find how to change Dimension Styles from Inches to Millimeters in Alibre Atom3D like you can in Alibre Expert. Can someone please let me know how this is done? TIA.
  4. G

    Change size on lines and arrows in 2D drawing doesn't work?

    When I try to change line and arrow size on a 2D drawing it only works for some of the dimensions. Most dimensions change while some stay oversized. The same thing happens when I try to change the font size, some digits adjusts, but not all. Why is it that not all the dimensions (fonts, lines...