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  1. otrotabi

    Multiple select in drawing for layer asignment

    If I want to assign multiple objects in a drawing to a layer, I need to select them one by one, I mean, I pick an object, and then press the Shift Key and select every other object I need to change. Or alternatively do it one by one, which is even more tedious. Selecting a region does not seem...
  2. N

    showing a sketch in drawing

    Hi All How can I show a sketch created in the part file, on a drawing? If I extrude the sketch I can see it, but this gives the sketch width rather than being a single line, and this isn't ideal for my application. I COULD sketch in the drawing file, but this is a little bit of a messy...
  3. Stuart

    Drawing workspace reference lines for dimensions

    I'm trying to add an angular dimension in a drawing for a cut. I can't find a way to add an angle that is perpendicular or 90-X degrees from the remaining surface. When cutting the material, it would be much more useful to have the angle to cut off rather than the remaining angle after the...