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  1. T

    Drawing question

    Hello, OK I admit I do not know what I'm exactly asking here! Sorry :( Watching the YouTube tutorials on drawing made me wonder is this is possible. I am trying to build a 3d print from printables that included the cad file that I opened in Alibre...
  2. E

    How to Reassign part to a drawing.

    I have an assembly with about 50 parts. They are all in folder A. I then created drawings for all parts, with the drawings in folder A/drawings. After an extensive redesign, I copied all of the parts to a new folder, B. I then copied the A/drawings folder [with all 50 drawings] to a new folder...
  3. M

    Moving a drawing page from one set of drawings to another

    I have a full drawing set of a model engine. Now I am making a derivative design using many of the same parts that have already been detailed in 2D. Is there any way to move a page from one set to another?
  4. Mika

    Sheet 2 of 3 - Cutlist

    Hi. If I'll make my weldment structure assy drawing in a sheet 1 of 3 and want to make 2 of 3 as "cutlist". What is the best way to bring those assembly parts on that sheet separately from the assembly? Putting those as a new views from partfiles, will change my drawing sheet name, so that is...
  5. E

    Centerlines adding themselves... very annoying

    Anytime certain actions occur, alibre adds center lines to the views. Example: In an assy drawing I create/update a broken out section. When I accept the change Alibre adds all center lines to the view. This is extremely annoying because I either need to individually delete all center lines or...
  6. L

    Can You Apply Images and Graphics to 3D Parts and Drawings?

    I am looking to add graphics on a few of my 3D parts to located and display where I would like some laser etching done. Is it possible to import an image and add it to a surface of a 3D part?